Give me universal health care or get the hell out of office. The days of endless bounty at the expense of the 99% taxpayer are over!

By the way, the 99% own the Environment and your Corporations can’t have any more of it! Don’t lose track of what is going on – it is the government (both Democrats and Republicans) owned by the 1% against the 99%. It is US AGAINST THEM – Obama is just their latest figure head to help control the People while they rape and pillage. And don’t think for minute they won’t leave us without running water and electricity, much less an environment we can live in, as a result of their pursuit of more and more profit.

Vote if you want. They want you to look to the existing system when you endeavor to divine a solution to what ails you. They want you to be either a democrat or republican. They want to keep you on the reservation. A reservation made of our perceptions of their ideology and stances – it keeps us in place. But the only way to end it, to bring real hope for much needed change for the 99% is non-violent civil disobedience. Otherwise they won’t stop.

If it is not non-violent they will use it as an excuse for a disproportionately violent response and crack-down on civil rights aimed at eliminating “the problem” entirely.

Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 is NOT the solution. She represents the absolute antithesis of who our next leader needs to represent and where this country desperately needs to go. She should be facing criminal charges and not thinking about running for President.

If gay rights and other stances on social issues involved distributing actual hard currency wealth and rights to the 99%, Hillary and Obama would be flatly against them. These issues are just meant to pacify. To throw a bone to the peasants as it were. ALEC is not interested in social issues to the extent these issues do not interfere with profit.

Ditch the Democrats and Republicans while we still have a chance to prepare for Us. Vote for 3rd Party and engage in non-violent Civil Disobedience.


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