Forcing a nation out of its dirty energy?! Gutting the pockets of the People to reimburse Rich Investors! For losses Goldman Sachs caused?!? “bailing out” Greece only to see all the bail out money immediately leave the country into the pockets of uber wealthy banksters?!?!


“Cypriots who will have up to 9.9 percent of their bank accounts seized to pay for part of the cost of the country’s bailout from international lenders will get in return bonds from natural gas earnings off the island’s coast as collateral,”

Technically, the Natural Gas ALREADY BELONGS THE GREEK POEPLE! And if the bonds fail? Or are somehow, some miraculous way, gosh oh golly just happen to devalue through the floor and are purchased by WALL STREET for pennies, then what? I mean, really, the bond issuer would never, NEVER abuse the language of the indebture agreement now would they!? (BALLS!)

Still think Obama isn’t involved in crushing the Greek People?!? Is this what Obama meant when he stated he would help other countries develop natural gas opportunities in their respective countries?



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telliottmbamsc 6 years 47 weeks ago

Look, Folks, In all honesty and seriousness....


I'm just saying, sometimes you can't avoid it, the situation becomes so bad, so abusive, so flagrantly a screw job that you have to dust off a couple of cells in Gitmo and say "Christine and the rest of ya, get your asses off the street, you're no damb good! In ya go!"

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telliottmbamsc 6 years 47 weeks ago

it might go something like this...

The Greek People are issued Natural Gas or Fracking bonds below there face value and get convinced to take some or all their "revenue" in the form of appreciation in carrying value instead of actual hard cash. This goes on for a time and then suddenly the bonds are worth less and there isn't that much more cash coming. The Greek People get re-screwed.

For instance, this year you didn't get any cash for your 100 face value bond but instead of it being worth 86 it is now worth 87! Then after a few years of the greek people being forced to accept an increase in the carrying value of the bond as their "revenue"- instead of hard cash- a revised estimate of the Natural Gas reserves will be issued that will render the bonds pretty much worthless.

The point being 10% of all Greek bank despositors money now adds up to $1 billion hard cash but forcing the Greek people to accept payback in the form of a "revenue stream" bond scam securizitzation will result in paying the Greek People back only $20 million in hard cash.

Now, I want America to intervene to stop this. It is a brutal act of economic violence being perpetrated on a peaceful nation that got into this situation in the first place because it was a victim of fraud by Goldman Sachs.

Severe social injustice that DEMANDS intervention by other countries who consider themselves civilized and humane does not have to involve gun violence.

Goldman Sachs and any other key individuals involved in the genesis of this situation need to make Greece and the Greek People financially whole.

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