Moneyed perpetrators putting front men in the media whose skin color matches the victims in an attempt to give the impression of empathy is cynical horseshit. Despite their ethnicity people like Orr and Ruiz no more identify with their respective ethnic communities that need their help than the people$ who are ultimately behind these communities disenfranchisement. These people$ are trying to use the victims’ race to pacify and disarm them during an assault. But trust me, when I get mugged by a gay guy, his sexual orientation doesn’t take the edge of my losing. It doesn’t make me empathize with his robbing me. I don’t get his message of “trust me, I’m one of you, this is ok and necessary to do.”

Oh and yea, watch for Orr and the Chicago Schools to play the “corruption” card. It worked in Italy, it worked in Greece, and you’ll see it again. The message they wish to convey being “it’s the victims’ fault and no-one else, and certainly not the moneyed interests that put them in their predicament. You shouldn’t feel angry about what happened to them.” Corruption may or may not have been present but it wasn’t “the” problem.

The reason the schools are underutilized, or as Ruiz would say in need of “right sizing”:

“Many of the 129 schools identified for possible closure are in high-crime areas of Chicago where gang violence helped contribute to a marked increase in the city's homicide rate last year. Critics of the closure plan say it could endanger children who will have to cross from one gang's turf into another just to reach their new schools.”

Enough is Enough! Solve societies problems at their root cause instead of citing the symptoms as a reason to dispossess the 99% even further.

Crime is a symptom of Poverty and Poverty is a symptom of government neglect – a government more concerned with serving the ideology of the Wealthy! Chicago is a major financial center for Christ sake. It has revenue if you had so chosen to tax the likes of Obama’s Penny Pritzker and Sam Zell over time.

Don’t make the children pay the price for the years of neglect and greed that eroded their world.

These abandoned schools will now become yet another sacrifice zone, another area of blight…or maybe someday a developer’s prize piece of real estate?!

Mr. Emmanuel you disgust me. Your nothing but a turd in two piece.


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 48 weeks ago

This excerpt was taken from “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” by authors Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco, pages 64 -65:

Violence begets violence. It is as old as the Bible. The violence of the state-brute force, internal colonies from which the poor can rarely escape, and massive incarceration- is countered with the street violence of the enraged. These internal colonies funnel the dispossessed into prisons and out again in a circular system that ensures they never escape from the visible and invisible walls that hem them in like sheep. Brutalized on the street, sometimes brutalized at home and brutalized in prison, they strike out with a self-destructive fury. Since most lack education and a huge proportion are branded by the state as convicted felons, there is no place for them to go other than where they came from.

Slavery. Segregation. Sharecropping. Convict leasing. Jim Crow. Lynching. Urban squalor. Poverty. Racism. Prison. It is a continuum.

“You go to fight to make it [freedom] mean something,” Solly Two Kings says in August Wilson’s play Gem of the Ocean. “All it mean is you got a long row to hoe and ain’t got no plow. Ain’t got no seed. Ain’t got no mule. What good is freedom if you can’t do nothing with it?”

The United States is home to twenty-five percent of the world’s prison inmates. One out of every three African American males go to prison. More African Americans today are subject to the coercive forces of correctional control through prisons, probation, or parole than were enslaved a decade before the Civil War.

The days of segregated buses and lunch counters may be over, but integration never became a reality except for a few middle class blacks. Integration would mean new taxes to lift African-Americans out of the internal colonies, new schools to educate the poor and give them a chance, and making sure there were jobs available with living wages. The civil rights movement was a legal victory, not an economic one. And the economic barriers remain rigid and impenetrable for the bottom two-thirds of African-Americans whose lives today are worse than when King marched in Selma. The violence of overt segregation ended. The violence of poverty remains. Wealth was never redistributed. And when cities were deserted by whites, who took with them the jobs and tax base to keep those cities alive, who made it plain by their departure that they would not live with or allow their children to be educated with blacks, city halls were turned over to complaint black elites whose loyalty rarely extended beyond their own corrupt inner circle. White power hid, as in any colony, behind black faces.

“And what we got here in this town?” Amiri Baraka’s fictional black mayor in Tales of the Out and Gone says. “[censored] in high places, black faces in high places, but the same rates and roaches, the same slums and garbage, the same police whippin’ your heads, the same unemployment and junkies in the hallways muggin’ your old lady.”


A similar message applies to the Hispanic Community another victim of Chicago's School closing, as well as all other classes including simply the poor and lately the entire frigg'n Working Class in total.

Robindell's picture
Robindell 6 years 47 weeks ago

Detroit is financially broken. The previous mayor has been found guilty of fraud well as for having lied to investigators about an extramarital affair. Back in the day, there were any number of metro area residents who did not trust Mayor Coleman Young. In Chicago, the CPS have little choice but to try and cut spending. It just so happens that the schools which are the least used and have the most unoccupied seats are in minority neighborhoods. The CEO (Superintendent) and the Board of Education members are doing the best they can under very difficult circumstances to manage the district's declining finances. If someone does not live in Detroit or Chicago and has never even visited those cities, they no doubt have a vested interest in commenting on situations which they don't know much about and don't fully understand. The blame game is the sure sign of a simpleton.

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