ALEC wins again.

Say “good bye” to Wisconsin's natural world.

No environmental study over the consequences of this type of mining and no environmental controls after Walker’s mining bill.

Wisconsin’s billion dollar Tourism industry is TANKING into a toxic wasteland. Tourism is a use of the environment that helps the little guy, mining and dirty energy helps the big guy and climate change (paid mostly by the little guy).

Friday Fish Fry?! Pffft, not unless the fish is imported from outside the State! Save your pictures of Wisconsin natural scenery, they are not making them anymore after this.


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nora 6 years 47 weeks ago

Just the thought of trashing such a beautiful state is shocking. How can such plans even get this far? Disgusting and unacceptable. Frackers (and their promoters like ALEC) are unprincipled, oblivious to the goodness and beauty of the natural world, and insane with GREED -- so insane they are UNFIT to make any decisions for our future.

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telliottmbamsc 6 years 46 weeks ago

This from Wisconsin League of Conservation voters.

Frac sand mining is literally booming in western Wisconsin - and it's wreaking havoc on air and water quality
and public health.

In an initial inspection, DNR found that more than 80% of Wisconsin sand mines are not meeting clean air or water laws. Wisconsin sand mine pictured.The hills of western Wisconsin contain the sand necessary to do hydraulic fracking for natural gas in other parts of the country, which means our rural communities have become Grand Central Station of open-pit frac sand mining. In just the last five years, Wisconsin frac sand facilities have grow from less than a handful to more than one hundred!

This relatively new industry has very little oversight in Wisconsin. Little oversight means big consequences for the environment, public health, and quality of life. In fact, the wild, wild west nature of Wisconsin's frac sand operations has Minnesota using us as an example of how NOT to mine for frac sand.

It's time to rein it in. And you can help!

Senator Kathleen Vinehout of western Wisconsin (the belly of the beast!) has prepared a powerful package of bills to help defend Wisconsinites from the threats of frac sand mining. The bills tackle specific problems associated with frac sand mining and provide practical solutions:

LRB 1342: Community Right to Know About New Frac Sand Mines
Local communities have the right to know if a frac sand facility is being proposed in their township. Adjacent land owners are often taken by surprise that a frac sand mine is being sited near their property. LRB 1342 will require the governing body considering the frac sand mine application to publish a public notice at least 30 days prior to taking action and to send a written notice to all property owners within one mile of the proposed mine.

LRB 1550: Real Estate Disclosure for Frac Sand Mines
Individuals seeking to buy rural property are often unaware of contracts to mine sand on property around them. LRB 1550 requires an owner selling residential property or vacant land to disclose on a real estate condition report whether they have notice or knowledge that allows a person to mine frac sand on a neighboring property.

LRB 1268: Frac Sand Mine Accountability Act
In Wisconsin, companies doing metallic mining exploration are required to obtain a license and post bond to cover any potential damage. Currently, these requirements are not required of non-metallic mining exploration, even though it has similar potential impacts. LRB 1268 authorizes counties to issue licenses for frac sand exploration. The bill also requires frac sand companies to submit a bond to ensure that drill holes will be properly filled. LRB 1268 further requires that frac sand companies have adequate liability insurance covering personal injury and property damage.

LRB 1341: Frac Sand Protective Zoning Act
Local officials have a duty to protect the health and welfare of their communities, but current law provides them little power to negotiate with mining companies on topics such as hours of operation, blasting policy, groundwater usage and air pollution. LRB 1341 provides local officials more tools for protecting public health and welfare. It requires frac sand to be listed as a conditional use in areas zoned for agricultural use, giving officials the ability to negotiate conditions on the operation of a frac sand mine. The bill would also makes frac sand mining a prohibited use in residentially zoned areas.

LRB 1344: Protecting Our Homes from Frac Sand Mines
Citizens have a right to live in communities that are free of noise, blasting, and heavy truck traffic. LRB 1344 creates a meaningful buffer between sand mines and neighborhoods. The bill prohibits a frac sand mine or processing facility from being located within 2,500 feet of a single-family or two-family residence or within a residential zoning district.

You can help these common sense solutions get off the ground and into law by asking your legislators to co-sponsor the bills. A couple clicks of the button is all it takes!

Remember, edited letters often carry even more weight. Send your letter today! Then be sure to share the alert with your networks by using the "forward to a friend" button or

sharing on your facebook wall using this link.

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