Remember that Australia had whopper 130 something degree F temps last summer......

“The Department of the Interior (DOI) is about to let an Australian company called Ambre Energy dig up hundreds of acres of public lands to expand its West Decker Coal Mine. All for more of the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fossil fuel on the planet.

The impact of this one mine is astonishing. Coal produced from the mine’s expansion would release as much carbon pollution as 14 million cars do in a year.

Ambre wants to keep these processes with the DOI quick, quiet and out of the public eye. But if we flood the DOI with public comments, we can shine a spotlight on this climate disaster to stop it from moving forward.

With only two days remaining before the first public comment period deadline, every comment counts. Make a comment now to keep millions of tons of coal in the ground where it belongs.

This coal mine isn’t just bad news for the climate. It’s also an exploitation of our public lands for corporate profits.

The federal coal leasing program run by the DOI has already given coal companies $29 billion in subsidies by selling the rights to publicly-owned coal for a fraction of what it’s worth.

Ambre Energy wants to mine more publicly-owned coal at low costs, and then sell that coal overseas at inflated prices for bigger returns. Coal companies like Ambre win, people and the climate lose.

It’s time to stop the exploitation of our public lands and the climate for the benefit of Ambre Energy’s bottom line. There are just two days left to add your voice.

Thanks to supporters like you, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell has heard from the public about the problems with the DOI’s coal leasing program since day one of her term. But our campaign won't stop until she takes action to end it permanently.

The West Decker Coal Mine expansion – like the entire DOI coal leasing program – is undermining the Obama administration's commitment to reduce global warming pollution.

If we're going to be serious about fighting climate change, then we have to get serious about the biggest sources of global warming pollution. We can't be drilling for oil in the Arctic or building the Keystone XL pipeline. And we certainly can't be opening up new federal lands to coal mining.

New fossil fuel projects like the West Decker Coal Mine threaten to send our climate past a point of no return. Together we have to stop them.

Thanks for taking action and for all that you do.

For the planet,

Kelly Mitchell

Greenpeace Climate and Energy Campaigner”


“The Department of the Interior has a critical role in addressing the climate crisis. Your agency manages one of the largest coal reserves in the world, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. But instead of keeping federal coal in the ground, the DOI has subsidized the coal industry by selling our resources at rock-bottom prices.

The West Decker Coal Mine is owned by an Australian coal company that plans to ship coal from the mine overseas. Foreign companies, not Americans, benefit from this. Instead they are ultimately harmed by coal pollution and climate change.

Please reject Ambre Energy's lease modification for the West Decker Coal Mine. Allowing the expansion of the West Decker Coal Mine an additional 500 acres would be an irresponsible use of public lands.”


Mr. Obama either start representing the best interest of the American People or get the hell out of office.


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