Only in America can you get hunted down and incarcerated without regard to any rights whatsoever for reporting that the ruling class is breaking the law.

Obama needs to respect the Constitution. The Constitution is not, as George Bush described it, just a “goddamn piece of paper.”

Corporations are free, and even get Washington’s help, to recklessly take the lives and health of Americans every day, but when the ruling class gets caught eavesdropping on the confidential information of businesses and individuals - in direct violation of the Constitution - all they have to do is claim “national security concerns” that might threaten our “free market?”

When money rules our Democracy. When the real war being waged by every fiber of Washington’s being is for financial domination of the World and the ultimate concentration wealth for the few off the backs of the 99% you expect the People to believe you’re illegally eavesdropping in complete violation the constitution for “national security concerns?” I’m sorry is ALCOA’s mineral operations we went to war for in Afghanistan somehow related to my safety in a public here in Wisconsin? Please, do tell!

No. There are limits even to the behavior of those who represent the power behind the Washington throne. What’s more, you can keep Snowden stranded in a Russian Airport until what he stands for grows bigger than life, but I’ll tell ya, if I were Snowden, the more you piss me off, the more I’d spend my energy making sure I was your worst frigg’n nightmare come true.

Democrats and Republicans are a cancer on the 99% and the human filth that his Hillary Clinton will not change that. Vote for a Third Party….while it is still not against the law.


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 12 weeks ago

Manning, Snowden and Assange should be legitimately award a Nobel Peace Prize - split three ways.

Obama's Peace Prize should be voided.

Worldchangeguy's picture
Worldchangeguy 6 years 11 weeks ago

Fortunately for us, there is a lag between the time laws are first broken and when they can be rewritten to place once, illegal behavior, on the "legal" side of the ledger. This will only persist until we, the public, wake up and see that the "Rule of Law" concept has become so corrupted, it represents becomes more of a problem than a solution. Solving this one issue will not solve the larger problem of how we see ourselves. (How we define ourselves, and the world around us forms our intent, which inturn, forms our reality.)

When enough people look at the world through the lens of fear, competition, scarcity and survival of the fittest (eat or be eaten, kill or be killed), they make it acceptable, almost natural, to create a world of preditors and victims. It becomes a game of, "I win, you lose!" Those who look at the world through the lens of love, cooperation, abundance and collaboration for survival, too often end up as natural victims of predatorial minds. Change what we think, and we change what we create.

Change will not happen, however, until we decide to outgrow our old selves. To do that, we must expand our awareness, become a more ideal version of who we can be. While we remain in denial, things will only get worse, which most of us know from personal experience. Until then, there's a great need for people like Snowden, Assange, Ellsberg and others to hold up the mirror of truth for all of us to see.

To see how we can expand awareness beyond current limitations, visit: Conscious Creator Forum on this blog list.

Pete -

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