This from the article:

This issue is of critical importance to companies, particularly those with extremely carbon-intensive operations. In the wake of declining domestic coal consumption, Arch Coal (NYSE: ACI ) and Peabody Energy (NYSE: BTU ) have been looking for new markets for their carbon-heavy product. If exporting U.S. coal to overseas markets proceeds according to plan, the move will constitute one of the most significant global contributions to atmospheric carbon concentrations. Consider the effects on these companies if some of the proposals in this video become a reality.


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telliottmbamsc 6 years 27 weeks ago

The construction of sea ports to ship American Coal to China continues unabated:

Right now, multimillion-dollar coal companies are forging ahead with plans to build three massive coal terminals in the Northwest, which could poison the waters upon which endangered orcas depend.

Thanks to wildlife advocates like you, over 30,000 people have already signed the petition to federal and state officials, urging them to oppose these disastrous projects—but we can't stop there!

Encourage your friends to add their voices too! Please forward this email to three friends to help raise the voice for orcas against Big Coal.


Protect Endangered Orcas from Toxic Coal

Sign the Petition to Stop Coal Ports TODAY>>>

Dear *,

Toxic chemicals and sharp declines in salmon have left the orcas that live in the waters of Puget Sound teetering on the edge of extinction—today, fewer than 90 whales remain.

Now Big Coal is planning to bring massive amounts of coal through the Northwest, which would pollute the waters and salmon that orcas depend on with toxic coal dust and soot.

Keep toxic coal pollution out of endangered orcas' waters by signing the petition opposing these disastrous projects.

Right now, multimillion-dollar coal companies are forging ahead with plans to build massive coal terminals in the Northwest. If approved, as much as 100 million tons of coal per year would be transported by train from the Powder River Basin in Montana to massive terminals in Oregon and Washington, then loaded onto giant barges and shipped overseas—spewing coal and toxic pollution into orcas' waters.

Not only would waterways from the Columbia River to Puget Sound be polluted, construction of the massive terminals would destroy crucial habitat. And when the coal is burned, it causes carbon pollution that drives climate change and mercury pollution that is already affecting salmon, orcas and many other species that depend on Northwest waters.

Fierce opposition in the Northwest from wildlife advocates like you has forced Big Coal to scrap some of its plans, but the fight for orcas is far from over. Three massive proposals are still on the table, and Big Coal is pulling out all the stops to push them through.

We can't let Big Coal rake in profits at endangered orcas' expense—sign the petition to stop coal exports through Northwest waters.

Coal companies are spending millions of dollars to hide the full impacts of their coal export plans. Fortunately, these proposals are by no means a done deal. By demonstrating widespread opposition to our decision makers and the media, we can help stop proposed coal ports from harming orcas.

With proposals moving quickly and more popping up all the time, orcas urgently need our voices to show overwhelming national opposition to these dirty coal projects.

Add your voice TODAY—take action to protect critically endangered orcas from toxic coal.

Thanks for all you do to protect wildlife.


Andy Buchsbaum
Interim Executive Director, NWF Action Fund
Twitter: @wildlifeaction
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