Too soon?

New World Order of State Sponsored White Collar Crime.

And come on, ….you know damn good and well BP benefited from surveillance information. Bid rigging for oil and gas contracts is their only business model.

What’s more, I truly doubt the NSA has a “national security” or “defense” component of its operations. After all, they didn’t stop the bombing of the boston marathon. I wouldn’t doubt it if the NSA wasn’t completely preoccupied with helping for-profit entities improve their financial statements. Any “national defense” gains would be purely incidental and accidental to their true purpose of cash, cash, cash for the 1%!


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telliottmbamsc 6 years 34 weeks ago

If America doesn't elect a Third Party President in 2016 will we be alienated by the World's other Countries?

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telliottmbamsc 6 years 34 weeks ago

Our national politicians can legally practice the otherwise illegal practice of insider trading but what about if the information given to Warren Buffet's Goldman Sachs resulted in a position in the financial market that didn't involve the self serving Public Official? Is it then insider trading facilitated by the Government?

Is it wrong to use Taxpayers' resources to make a select few politically connected 1%'rs even richer? Should the same information these select few were given from the surveillance programs also been made public? Perhaps published through the Department of Commerce in Newspapers?

Should Main Street be upset if the NSA budget was being used to help the IMF, say, steal fresh water for Haliburton?

Espoinage in violation of the 4th Amendment, as well as to advance the wealth of a select few is wrong.

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