This from Defenders of Wildlife:

Sound science is the hallmark of wildlife protection and conservation. But when the facts are cherry picked to serve a predetermined policy goal, everybody loses.

Sixteen of the nation's top wildlife scientists sent an urgent letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service expressing deep concern that their own field research was being distorted in order to justify the delisting of nearly all gray wolves in the lower 48 states.

This is the time for every wolf-loving American to speak up. Will you help us?

This alarming letter strongly supports Defenders' argument against this reckless proposal and reinforces what we’ve been saying all along: this decision consciously ignored compelling science in order to promote the premature federal abandonment of wolves!

We need support from people like you who know that truth. Your donation will equip Defenders with the support we need to continue our all-out campaign to stop this delisting before its too late.

Here's what these leading scientists had to say about the misguided delisting proposal:

"We do not believe that the rule reflects the conclusions of our work or the best available science concerning the recovery of wolves…"

The letter continues:

"Given the importance of wolves and the fact that they have only just begun to recover in some regions and not at all in others, we hope you will reconsider the Service’s proposal…"

How tragic it is that the FWS justifies the delisting plan by citing the work of these science professionals who clearly believe delisting is a bad idea.

Special Thanks to Defenders of Wildlife.


leontrollski's picture
leontrollski 6 years 26 weeks ago

The wolf is another Republican wedge issue, at least in Michigan. Michigan is about to have its first wolf hunting season. Throughout the state a furor has been aroused in hunting circles about allowing the wolf season to proceed. It is amusing, not of course for the wolves, how many people get emotionally invested in the potential chance of being able to shoot a wild dog. In fact the great majority of those promoting the wolf hunt will never have a legal opportunity to engage in that hunt since the current plan is to issue licenses to kill 40 wolves total. Some of those licenses will go to out of staters further reducing the number available to the very people that are advocating for the hunt. While hunters are lost in a macho fairytale of wolf hunting, the Republican state apparatus is getting ready to sell a quarter million acres of Michigan's public lands on an expedited basis with the plan to sell an undisclosed amount more, it is almost impossible to pin down a real number, starting next year. This will affect the hunting community far more than the presence or absence of a wolf hunt. There is almost no discussion of the land sale but plenty on the diversionary issue of wolf hunting. Using the old magicians trick of telling the audience to watch the wolves in his right hand, with his left Governor Snyder will be selling off the patrimony of Michigan's citizens to benefit the wealthy, landowners of properties bordering the lands for sale, and corporations looking to pick up property on the cheap. The very size of the sale coupled with currently depressed property prices ensure that the state will benefit little while the puchasers will not only buy land at fire sale prices, but future tax revenues will be limited because the value of land, and therefore assessments, will be low, and due to Michigans capped tax structure will not increase proportionately if land values increase. Great deal for those able to spend money on land, bad deal for those concerned with preserving public lands for the future. A question to Michigan citizens; which of the lands that you now use and enjoy do you want sold?

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