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We came across a video clip last week that made us as angry as
anything we've ever encountered about the complete failure in
Washington to take global warming seriously. We have a link to the
clip on our new action page:

Move Way From Fossil Fuel Action Page:

In it, top NOAA, Navy and Coast Guard officials not only admit that
climate change is happening much faster than anyone expected, they
instantly pivot to trying to PROMOTE what a wonderful opportunity it
will be. We are not kidding. You really need to see this clip.

"It will be like opening up a new subdivision for ecotourism," they
enthuse. The only real problem they anticipate is getting the
infrastructure in place to support all those new visitors to places
that used to be the climate regulating ice caps on our planet. The
biggest crisis they worry about is whether people will be able to
access their Facebook up/down there.

This is beyond appalling. Yes, we suppose a lot of people will need
new infrastructure, considering that their own former homes will be
permanently underwater, wiped out by the new category 6 hurricanes,
etc. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues to skyrocket. Every
day are news stories about unprecedented (except in antediluvian
times) heat waves. Yet, Congress and the President do precisely
nothing to change course.

We need to move IMMEDIATELY towards complete cessation of all fossil
fuel burning with a Manhattan Project level acceleration of
development of carbon neutral energy technologies. Or we can continue
to fiddle while the planet continues to burn.

Move Away From Fossil Fuel Action Page:

And after you submit the action page above, feel free to request one
of the new "Stop Global Warming" bumper stickers. We'd love to send
you one for no charge, not even shipping. The sticker has a dramatic
colorful graphic of our planet engulfed by flames, it's really quite
striking. Of course, if you can make a donation of any amount, this
is what makes it possible for us to send free stickers to anyone who
cannot make a donation right now.

Stop Global Warming bumper stickers:

Related to all of this we'd like to get some feedback from you about
Thorium nuclear technology. A number of people have emailed us very
excited about the promise of this, and frankly, the more we
investigate the evidence the more we share their enthusiasm.

It is unquestionable that nuclear power as currently practiced (light
water reactors) is a disaster, producing unmanageable quantities of
nuclear waste that has to be sequestered somewhere for upwards of a
million years, and resulting in repeated meltdown catastrophes. These
monumental problems are fatally inherent in the design, requiring
fuel rods to be continuous cooled by water under tremendous pressure.
When something goes wrong, as it inevitably does, a runaway
catastrophe is unavoidable.

What is most interesting about all of this is that the scientist who
invented the light water reactor became disenchanted early on with
its commercial deployment. Instead, he was pushing for a liquid salt
Thorium reactor that is not operated under pressure and simply shuts
down automatically if something goes wrong. And he got fired for his
advocacy, because all Washington was interested in was reactors that
would produce as a byproduct plutonium for nuclear weapons.

While Thorium nuclear reactors do also produce radioactive relatively
short-lived fission products, they can be used very effectively to
"burn up" (transmute) the existing intractable long term nuclear
waste we already have no other way to deal with, and for this reason
alone would have to be implemented.

So we are asking for your feedback. Please email us and let us know,
would you like to know more about Thorium technology, and should we
do an action page strongly advocating for it?

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telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 26 weeks ago

Ok, so we are all going to die,...can we at least all agree to be dignified about it?

Roland369 6 years 26 weeks ago

The problem with overpopulation was described years ago in Earlich's "Zero Population Growth." In it he described the influx of illegal aliens from the starving and exploited nations, into the rich Western nations of Europe and North America. It now has taken its toll on the economies of these nations, as well as their culture. Add to this the greed and avarice of those exploiting corporations, and the deliberate bubble created by Wall Street, and you have a recipe for global economic disaster.

What you are witnessing is the final rape of planet Earth. The War On Terror is nothing more than a way to gain access to the world’s resources, to loot, plunder, and exploit. It is an extension of international foreign affairs in the form of violent economic exploitation, (when sanctions, embargos, and threat fail).

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