Remember when a smirking George Bush mocked death row inmate Karl Faye Tucker by impersonating her plea to him “Oooh, please don’t kill me!"? Well here comes Harry Reid laughing about people living in poverty. And don’t even get started on his disdain for fat people. That’s right folks. A new book makes clear one inescapable truth: HARRY REID IS AN ASSHOLE.

To begin with you only need to refer to start at page 75 of “This Town” by Mark Leibovich. Leibovich describes him as “crass” and especially “vindictive” man who “skips saying good-bye” on the phone and just hangs up howsoever rude it may seem. The book goes on to describe Human Filth Harry Reid as “surprisingly food – and body- obsessed, more evocative of a teenage girl.” Reid “will occasionally partake of yoga (in black Lycra stretch pants) with Landra in their Ritz Carlton apartment [Reid lives out of the Ritz Carlton$$$$$ when he is working in DC].” Reid’s body obsession, the author states, makes him “harshly judgmental of fat people and other ill-conditioned creatures.” Sounds like Harry might even prefer a genetically pure breed of Americans over the current mix. Because, don’t ya know, Harry claims that “you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol.”

And Harry Reid is consummate fake. According to the author:

“Reid is master of “the practiced, pale-faced-bumpkin-from Searchlight [Nevada] act,” says Las Vegas political guru Jon Ralston. This masks savvy, rough-hewn politician whom Ralston describes as “ruthless” and “Machiavellian.””

“”I look at these pictures, I cannot believe how I lived,” Reid told me. He compares the Searchlight of his boyhood to “that place in West Virginia.” There’s a word he’s looking for. Hmm. “You know where things are so bad? Poor?

“Appalachia?” I said.

“Yes, Appalachia,” Reid said, and then broke into a curiously big laugh.””

That’s today’s Democratic Party.

Ps Regarding ObamaHealthInsurerCare let’s give ourselves some credit. Let ObamaSnare collapse into oblivion where it rightly belongs. The People can either successfully demand a better plan out of our Two Party system or end the Two Party system first to get the plan they deserve. Don't let talking heads exort you into supporting ObamaCare with the fear of no substitute forthcoming.


PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 5 years 41 weeks ago

Gee whiz Telli, I guess you must be insecure about your own image to take such offense at alleged quotes about someone you never met from sources that are unreliable. You may want to hold off and snare some AFA insurance yourself to manage the diabetes that may be in your future. Sometimes it starts with a tingling feeling in your extremities, and can affect your blood glucose and your ability to form rational thoughts. Check your blood sugar and get back to us soon. Hot tea or iced?

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