There are no Democrats and Republicans anymore.

Just the 1%s' servants in Washington and the 99%.

End the Health Care Industries legal monopoly and hire its' line workers to administer a Single-Payer system. End the multi-million dollar salaries of Insurance Executives that ObamaCare is forcing us to pay.


polycarp2 6 years 10 weeks ago

The Big Three, the Assassinations of JFK, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, jr. changed the trajectory of the country...and here we are.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 9 weeks ago

The Affordable Care Act is shit and ultimately Obama bears the blame.

Oblah blah could have issued an executive order to provide Medicare to ALL - and the Republicans couldn't have stopped him. So spare me the hand wringing about "oh the republicans." The only thing about Obama's Do-Nothing-for-the-99% approach, that he has been practicing from day one of his first term, is the theme behind his excuses for doing nothing- after the shelllacking the excuse became "oh those darn republicans." The primary objective of the ACA was to turn taxpayer's dollars into campaign cash. And to do that Obama cynically manipulated the People's access to healthcare. Grotesque.

Near as I can tell Democrats and Republicans were in a race to see who could offer something like the ACA$$$ to the insurance industry$$$ first. Ever notice how the ACA is essentially the same sort of windfall$$$ that another for-profit private industry - wall street - got? Or do you think that their too, the industries past performance in our society warranted sweetheart "bailouts" and "QE" scams? Point: if you got the campaign donations to make a difference to a political party, you can get whatever you want out of either Party.

What's more the language ending the Health Care Industries legal monopoly was crossed out of a document returning from the Oval Office. Read "Griftopia"

Truthseaker's picture
Truthseaker 6 years 9 weeks ago

If President Kennedy was running for President I feel he would be called a Moderate under the Republican banner. He was Conservative in overseas policy and liberal on domestic issues. I feel many Democratic and progressives today don’t know but he cut income taxes. Liberals and Progressives today feel we all are not paying our fair share of taxes. He ushered in the Space Program. When we were only `14 minutes worth of experience and he felt going to the Moon and return home. He didn’t want to go in Vietnam What did President Obama do? Canceled it. He (Obama) extended the wars and used drones. Kennedy took the blame on the Bay of Pigs and for Obama doesn’t take the blame on anything!

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