And the stock buy backs are inflating the stock market. This in turn is causing Obama to wrongfully generalize that the 99% are also doing well.

Worse still, when you got a Corporation where the rich Executives no longer have any “skin in the game” that Corporation is much more likely to sign bankruptcy. For instance, because of poor sales due to uber low aggregated demand by the Little People. In a sense, the QE program is allowing the rich to prepare for a comfortable$$$ bankruptcy by their firms.


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 15 weeks ago

Consider the following scenario:

STEP 1: Load up existing firm with low interest debt made available from the QE program and use the proceeds to cash-out of existing firm via stock buy-back (this is already being done).

STEP 2: Use billions made available from QE fueled stock buy-back to invest overseas in opportunities for exploitation created by the Trans Pacific Partnership.

In the end, both the banks acquisition of the QE money, and the 10%s’ cashing out of a newly debt ridden corporate entity (that they no longer have any “skin” in) leaves the American People/Society with the burden of under performing assets.

The QE and TPP together could be nothing more than a government funded portfolio adjustment scheme for the Super Rich.

Moral: Washington could very well be financing the abandonment of the American Economy one sleazy transaction at a time.

After all, arguably the best way for anyone to be of service to the Super Rich is to be constantly supplying them with better and better ways to hoard the most maximum amount of cash possible (investment opportunities to exploit). Regardless of whether or not the opportunity for exploitation might be patriotic, constitutional (e.g. violate here or use war to shape it abroad), ethical, moral or just both in America and overseas. And regardless of whether it damages the Environment and Labor both here and abroad.

In such a quest, the future – beyond a reasonable investment horizon – is completely irrelevant.

That is what our President is up to.

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