The following account of West Virginia’s experience with Coal mining stands as a somber warning of what is store for not only Wisconsin and its Sand and Ore mining operations but also any place Fracking is taking place. The following starts on page 128 of the book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” by written by the patriotic Americans Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco:

“Once the unions were broken and the mines were mechanized, the coal [or fracking sand and Gogebic’s ore] began to strip-mine and then blast off the tops of mountains. Most “miners” are, in fact, heavy machine operators.”

“The coal [or fracking sand and Gogebic’s ore] companies write the laws. They control local and state politicians. They destroy the water tables, suck billions of dollars’ worth of coal [or fracking sand and Gogebic’s ore] out of the state and render hundreds of acres uninhabitable. And ninety-five percent of the coal [or fracking sand and Gogebic’s ore] companies are note even based in West Virginia [or Wisconsin]. The rights and health of those who live on the land are meaningless.”


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telliottmbamsc 6 years 14 weeks ago

Continued from above excerpt from the book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” by authors Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco:

“The fossil-fuel industry’s dirty game of corporate politics was on display following the arrests in the fall of 2011 of 1,253 activists from the environmental group outside the White House. The protestors opposed the proposal to build the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have brought some of the dirtiest energy on the planet from the tar sands in Canada through the United States to the Gulf Coast. James Hansen NASA’s leading climate scientist, has said that the building of the pipeline would mean “game over for the climate.” President Barack Obama, ducking the issue, said he would review the proposal and make a decision after the November 2012 presidential election.”

“The U.S. House of Representatives, urged on by lobbyists, however, voted a few days later 234 to 194 to force a quicker review of the pipeline. The House attached its demand to a bill proposing a popular payroll tax cut. Oil Change International calculated that the 234 Congressional representatives who voted in favor of the measure received $42 million in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry. The 194 representatives who opposed it received $8 million. Speaker of the House John Boehner, a champion of the pipeline, has received a total of $1,111,018 in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry. His counterpart in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who pushed it through the Senate has received $1,277,208. Obama, saying the Republican deadline left no time to approve the project, did not sign off on the pipeline. But his administration did not reject it, either. The president invited the company building the pipeline, TransCanada Corporation, to reapply, which it has done. Obama, who approved the southern section of the oil pipeline, push a final decision on the full pipeline into 2013, beyond the presidential elections.”

“Elected officials at the state and federal level are paid employees of the corporate state. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the front group for the major corporations in the country, including Bank of America, Goldmans Sachs, Chevron, and News Corp, spent more money on the 2010 elections than the Republican and Democratic National Committees combined. A staggering ninety-four percent of the Chamber’s contributions went to politicians who deny the existence of climate change.”

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telliottmbamsc 6 years 14 weeks ago

Continued from above excerpt from the book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” by authors Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco:

Disease in the coalfields [or fracking sand and Gogebic’s ore fields] is rampant. The coal ash deposits have heavy concentrations of hexavalent chromium [or silica dust from fracking sand and any one of many carcinogens from Gogebic’s ore mine like asbestos], a carcinogen. Cancer, like black lung disease, is an epidemic. Kidney stones are so common that in some communities nearly all the residents have had their gallbladders removed. More than half a million acres, or eight hundred square miles, of the Appalachians [or Wisconsin] have been destroyed. More than five hundred mountain peaks are gone, along with an estimated one thousand miles of streams, which provide most the headstreams for the eastern United States.”

“The spine of the Appalachian Mountains [or Wisconsin], a range older than the Himalayas, winds its way through Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia. Isolated, lonely patches of verdant hills and forests now lie in the midst of huge gray plateaus, massive dark-eyed craters, and sprawling, earthen-banked dams filled with billions of gallons of coal slurry [or waste from fracking sand or Gogebic’s ore]. Gigantic slag heaps, the residue of decades of mining operations, lie idle, periodically catching fire and belching oil plumes of smoke and an acrid stench. The coal companies [or fracking sand companies and Gogebic Taconite] have turned perhaps half a million acres in West Virginia and another half million in Kentucky, once some of the most beautiful and fertile land in the country [like Wisconsin], along with hundreds of towering peaks, into stunted mounds of rubble. It was impossible to grasp the level of destruction in the war in Bosnia until you got in a helicopter and flew over the landscape, seeing village after village dynamited by advancing Serb forces into ruins. The same scale of destruction, and the same problem in realizing its true extent, holds true for West Virginia and Kentucky [and soon Wisconsin].”

“That destruction, like the pillaging of natural resources is in the ancient Mesopotamian, Roman, and Mayan empires, is one of willful if not always conscious self-annihilation.”

This is the Wisconsin that will be brought about by Scott Walker and Barac Obama’s Mary Burke.

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telliottmbamsc 6 years 14 weeks ago

Continued from above excerpt from the book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” by authors Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco:

“The dependence on coal [like fracking sand and Gogebic’s ore], which supplies the energy for half the nation’s electricity, means that its extraction, as supplies diminish, becomes ever more extreme. The Appalachian region [or similarly Wisconsin and Fracking areas] coal, its production dwarfed only by that of Wyolming’s Powder River Basin. We extract one hundred tons of coal from the earth every two seconds in the United States, and about seventy percent of that coal comes from strip mines and mountaintop removal, which began in 1970.”

“Those who carry out this pillage probably believe they can outrun their own destructiveness. They think that their wealth, privilege, and gated communities will save them. Or maybe they do not think about the future at all. But the death they have unleashed, the relentless contamination of air, soil, and water, the physical collapse of communities, and the eventual exhaustion of coal [fracking sand, Gogebic’s ore, or fracking gas] and fossil fuels themselves, will not spare them. They, too, will succumb to the poisoning of nature; the climate dislocations and freak weather caused by global warming; the spread of new, deadly viruses; and the food riots and huge migrations that will begin as the desperate flee from flooded or drought-stricken pockets of the earth. The steady plundering of the natural world, the failure to heed the warning signs of the planet, will teach us a lesson about the danger of hubris. The health of the land and purity of water is the final measurement of whether any society is sustainable. “A culture,” the poet W. H. Auden observed, “is not better than its woods.”

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