Mary Burke is a consummate neo-democratic. TREK has a corporate culture of anything-goes-against-the-People profit maximization which Mary Burke was intimately apart of.

Her campaign is also following a policy of “no comment” on hot button issues like Unions and Mining. Yet, sadly, she is the candidate receiving the support of Obama’s democratic party.

Her friends and fellow alumni are lavishing awards upon her but her speaking doesn’t track well with what is suggested by the titles of these awards. She is part of self-reinforcing bunch of elites who are deaf to the People. And on top of all that, a recent article (The Cap Times) hints/states that she is accepting money from the same special interests as republicans.

Her campaign manager explained TREK’s outsourcing overseas with the comment that “Burke as governor, would not have much to say over international trade agreements,” Other than the fact that she could have chosen to convince her dad that TREK should not exploit a cheaper overseas labor force at the expense of the Wisconsin economy. She could have even considered the profit forgone by TREK staying with a domestic labor force as “philanthropic” giving, no?

Let’s not kid ourselves, the Tax Code – not to mention the marketing arm of Trek - make her “philanthropy” profitable. Otherwise trust me she wouldn’t give be giving money away! I repeat, the US Tax Codes encourages the 1% to pass out cash and it doesn’t hurt the Trek brands image$$$! So spare me the spin on “philanthropy”! You may want to consider the fact that Diane Hendricks also engages in “philanthropic giving.”

Her new found love of consulting with Small Business is campaign theatre.

My advice to Wisconsin Voters? When it comes to Mary Burke…RUN, Run Away! Her take on what it means to be a Democrat is r-a-n-c-i-d.

I’ve had enough. We already have Ron Kind (Dem) and Gwen Moore (Dem) still casting votes in favor of Wall Street at the expense of Wisconsinites.

VOTE State Senator Kathleen Vinehout for Wisconsin Governor.

Ps. Would somebody pleased dismiss Mike Tate, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair?! (You know, the same guy who gave us Tom Barrett as a Candidate)


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 14 weeks ago

Did you ever notice that the police for our Nation’s Capital Mall in Washington DC ride TREK bicycles?!

Hope Burke's crony Obama didn't over pay for those bikes?!

telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 14 weeks ago

Another interesting tid bit about Burke: Sher recently traded her Toyota Prius for a gas guzzling Ford Escape.

Maybe she is trying to signal to big money that she is an oil whore? After all, it sure doesn't make her look like she gives a damn about the environment.

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