Big Oil has given members of the Senate Energy Committee $9.4 Million dollars to change the law and allow Crude from the US to be shipped overseas. This would mean a BIG Price Jump at the Pump for the Peasants and gargantuan profits to pay the enormous salaries$$$ of energy Executives.

This from Oil Change International:

As I am writing this, the Senate Energy Committee is holding a hearing to consider eliminating an important law that makes it illegal to export crude oil from the United States.

This would be a huge mistake.

Relaxing the crude export regulations is about one thing and one thing only: Big Oil’s profits. Exporting crude oil would immediately raise the price of oil and thus gasoline in North America. This will raise profits for Big Oil, who will put that money into their inflated salaries and an increase in dangerous drilling in our backyards and on our public lands.

Big Oil has been beating their drum loudly to get this change for a while now. It’s time for President Obama to put the brakes on this industry campaign by making his position clear that he values the people of the United States over the profits of Big Oil.

Will you join us in calling on President Obama to take a stand and say NO to any rollbacks of fossil fuel regulations?

The fact that ending the crude export ban is is even being discussed is outrageous, though not entirely surprising. After all, the fossil fuel industry has paid top-dollar to get it on the agenda.

Members of the Senate Energy Committee, who are currently considering this issue, have taken over $9.4 MILLION dollars from the fossil fuel industry. Their new soon-to-be Chair, Senator Landrieu (D-LA), has taken a whopping $1.5 million of this and just came out in favor of lifting the ban. I've been listening fairly carefully to this hearing, and none of the Senators seem to be disclosing how deep in debt to Big Oil they are.

Since roughly 8 in 10 Americans believe, correctly, that members of Congress are more responsive to their donors than the people that they supposedly represent, I am sure this is not a surprise to you. All the more important then that we raise our voices together as loudly as we can.

As much as some elected officials like to think otherwise, we can’t drill our way out of this climate problem. To lift the crude export ban, much like many actions under the 'All of the Above' energy strategy, would be to deny the science of climate change.

Help us push back against the corporate takeover of our democracy and make sure our leaders represent the people that elected them, not oil industry interests.


Founder & Executive Director
Oil Change International

PS - If you want more information on why lifting the crude oil export ban is such a bad idea, you can read our full report here. And if you're wondering why it is important that we stop expanding the oil industry in order to fight climate change, please visit

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