Yea, so, I’m thinking Chuck Hagel and his comments on the new budget for the military smells a little like he’s been reading The Art of War. Consider the following passage from author Samuel B. Griffith’s book “Sun Tzu The Art of War:”

“Sun Tzu realized that war, ‘a matter of vital importance to the State’, demanded study and analysis; his is the first known attempt to formulate a rational basis for the planning and conduct of military operations. Unlike most Greek and Roman writers, Sun Tzu was not primarily interested in the elaboration of involved stratagems or in superficial and transitory techniques. His purpose was to develop a systematic treatise to guide rulers and generals in the intelligent prosecution of successful war. He believed that the skilful strategist should be able to subdue the enemy’s army without engaging it, to take his cities without laying siege to them, and to overthrow his State without [the aggressor] bloodying [his] swords.

“Sun Tzu was well aware that combat involves a great deal more than the collision of armed men. ‘Numbers alone’, he said, ‘confer no advantage.’ He considered the moral, intellectual, and circumstantial elements of war to be more important than the physical, and cautioned kings and commanders not to place reliance on sheer military power. He did not conceive war in terms of slaughter and destruction; to take all intact, or as nearly intact as possible, was the proper objective strategy.

“Sun Tzu was convinced that careful planning based on sound information [e.g. NSA] of the enemy would contribute to a speedy military decision. He appreciated the effect of war on the economy and was undoubtedly the first to observe that inflated prices are an inevitable accompaniment to military operations. ‘No country’, he wrote, ‘has ever benefited from a protracted war.’ [But he allows that today’s Corporations could at the expense of the country].

“In Sun Tzu’s view, the army was the instrument which delivered the coup de grace to an enemy previously made vulnerable. Prior to hostilities, secret agents separated the enemy’s allies from him and conducted a variety of clandestine subversive activities. Among their missions were to spread false rumors and misleading information, to corrupt and subvert officials, to create and exacerbate internal discord, and to nurture Fifth Columns. Meanwhile, spies [or business operatives in the case of the Washington\Wall Street Nexus] at all levels, ascertained the enemy situation. On their reports ‘victorious’ plans were based [e.g. loan documents]. Marshall Shaposhnikov was not the first to comprehend that the prerequisite to victory is ‘to make proper preparations in the enemy’s camp so that the result is decided beforehand’. Thus, the former Chief of the General Staff of the Red Army continues in a remarkable paraphrase of Sun Tzu, ‘the victorious army attacks a demoralized and defeated enemy [including those enemies or rather “targets” plagued by financial problems]’.

Anything sound familiar?


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 5 years 45 weeks ago

The book goes on to mention of the Imperialist:

"His spies and agents were active everywhere, gathering information, sowing dissension, and nuturing subversion."

Let me repeat that last part the White House and the CIA are busy "...sowing dissension, and nuturing subersion" in target countries.

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