Blame American\Western and Russian 1%’rs (and their corporations) that started the fight over who would get to exploit the commercial value represented by Ukraine for the crash of Malaysia flight 17.

Find out which corporations and their 1% Executives who having their respective governments do their bidding. Arrest the heads of GE, Verizon, etc. as well as their lobbyists for questioning. Have them divulge the billions and billions of dollars that stood to make if their respective governments could force Ukraine to act according to their favor. Follow it up with questioning of politicians who executed the orders, made the statements, and managed the “communications”.

These are the individuals who are ultimately responsible for any deaths related to the “situation” in Ukraine. These are the individuals that killed all those aboard Malaysia Flight 17.

What is more, the White House is offering that it knew of the “Russian” threat to blow up any aircraft in the effected airspace, but apparently it didn’t know, in real time, of the path being taken by Malaysian flight 17 as it approached Ukraine airspace. I find that hard to believe. Especially, given the “strategic$$$ interests$$$” involved. At the very least, they have these things called “satellites”


Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 5 years 20 weeks ago

Thanks, Elliot.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 5 years 20 weeks ago

Good stuff, telliotmbamsc!!
And Ukraine may have fabricated that story about the conversations between a Russian Commander and a separatist admitting shooting down the plane. The metadata showed the day before the plane was shot down.

Steven.PBarrett 5 years 20 weeks ago

You guys are just as despicable as the body looters and other human scavangers who did their best to prevent the international observers and crime scene investigators do their jobs; much less the people most reponsible for removing the bodies in a dignified way. Only you're disgracing yourself in the comfort of your homes miles away from eastern Ukraine.

Hope you're proud of yourselves and your pet theories. Hope you're GD'd proud of yourselves.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 5 years 19 weeks ago

No, little Stevie, you're the one that is despicable for trying to protect the real scum bags that led up to the crash of MH17...
the Ukraine Nazi Government and the US Warmongers that set it all in action to begin with.

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