This is food insecurity as a consequence of the 6th Mass Extinction. Note the article points out that the “Main Stream”, “Corporate” or “Washington Wall Street nexus” media is NOT informing the public about what is going on.

So remember, if in an act of the coming wide spread starvation you cook your children too long, the meat will be tough.


Legend 5 years 6 weeks ago

This is my personal analysis of what will happen over the next few hundred years. Mainly because the Republicans ignore science and no one does anything about world over population. As the world warms we will lose the oceans for a vital source of food. Changing crop conditions will make farming difficult. The world could support 1/2 the population using fossil fuels etc. but it cannot support this population. Remember that in India and China very few had air conditioning, refrigerators or cars 20 to 30 years ago. Now they are mass users of fossil fuels. The combined population of those two countries is 10 times the USA population. Add up the rest of the world. Food will become more scarce. Disease will spread. Seas will rise diplacing large populations. Anger and frustration will create war. After a large part of the population dies from starvation, disease and war the survivors will live on. Probably somewhere in Northern climates. After a few hudred or thousands of years the earth will return to its normal state.

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