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zapdam 2 years 39 weeks ago

Lets be serious, Obama like his predecessors is a mass murder, a president who gave comfort and aid to the criminal banksters and Wall street shysters ,people who defrauded and stole life savings and homes from the American people, all given a 'free get out of jail' pass by his administration.

Obama has been a centre right president, who pushed 'fracking' , the accumulated million and a half fracking wells that dot the US from coast to coast,, that will in years come home to haunt Americans and force them to buy bottled water, now that the ground water and aquifers are poisoned by unknown chemicals used by these oil and drilling companies who were allowed to bypass environmental standards and pump unknown toxins next to the ground water without fear of criminal prosecution.

The decision that scientists say will someday kill more people world wide than all previous wars combined, as Obama's continues pay political weak lip service with regard to his do nothing 'climate change' and his steadfast refusal to sign on with the world to put a stop to this loomimg world wide catastrophe, considering America with China are the number one and two worst polluters in the world.

Obama has knowingly killed on average 50 innocents to every one 'suspected' terrorist 'taken out' by his thousands of strikes drone program. No court no trial , just heresay from locals gathered by CIA operatives, perhaps locals with an axe to grind as they place targets on the backs of the individuals they name.

I can still remember it was under Obama that the son of American Abdulrahman al-Awlaki had his head blown off by a drone attack specifically targeting the 16 year old, in fact there wasn't enough of him left to barely identify the young boy. Then his press pointman , Robert Gibbs has the unbelievable cruel nerve to blame the death of this boy, on the fact thart his father was named a terorist by Obama.

It was also under Obama's administration that a strategy called the 'double tap' was employed, in which the US drone returns 5 to 10 minutes after the initial attack, to fire missiles and deliberately kill rescuers.

Obama is the architect of the destruction of Libya and the person responsible for the murder of its leader at the hands of western supported and armed militants who captured and sodomized Gaddafi with a bayonet before blowing his brains out. As of this past October thousands of Libyan innocents have been killed and maimed , their country is in ruin, now run by lawless warring tribes and ISIS. The result is 2.44 million Libyans are in need humanitarian assistance of which the Obama administration is offering none.

Yemen it's elected leader removed under orders of Obama is now suffering the total destruction of life, liberty ,property and country at the hands of Obama appointed proxy army of Saudi Arabia, the country with the continued worst human rights record in the world. An army so vicious and brutal ,that they has been accused of indiscriminately killing unarmed women , children and elders, this all happening under the whatchful eyes of the Obama administration.

We were later to find out , Obamas one so called military accomplishment , his killing of Osama Bin Laden, was in truth a direct order to execute the man, therefore covering up decades of Bin Laden involvement with Americas ally the Saudi regime and his involvement with the US CIA as an operative and paid informant. Obamas action deprived Bin laden his day in court and for the world of learning the truth.

The list is to long of the failures and atrocities commited under the Obama regime, the man who swept into office with tearful hopes and heartfelt support of Americans and the world.

Now you can just add Obama to list the rogues gallery American presidents, who should be arrested and indicted to stand trial for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Legend 2 years 39 weeks ago

Ignor this idiot Zap.

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Strider54 2 years 39 weeks ago

You moron, whether you like it or not, each and every president are our presidents. We are every bit as quilty as our presidents in all matters of state.
chew on that, Zdamn
btw - stop trolling too

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