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Yesterday, the Obama Administration released a “record of decision” that will allow seismic blasting in an area of the East Coast twice the size of California—the same dynamite-like blasts that are predicted to injure and possibly kill up to 138,200 marine mammals, as well as harm commercial and recreational fisheries, tourism and coastal recreation–putting more than 730,000 jobs in the blast zone at risk.

There are two questions to answer: Why did they do this? And how can we stop it?

Why? Because multinational oil companies have billions of dollars to throw around, appearing to buy favors and spread lies about mythical funds that will go to coastal communities. But coastal communities and leaders are smarter than that. 16 coastal towns and 78 local coastal elected officials already have spoken out against seismic off their shores.

So what now? No blasting will happen without specific permits being approved. Today’s decision only begins that process. We need to tell the Obama Administration today that we know their record of decision is severely flawed and, more importantly, we’re going to be there every step of the way to stop all permits that threaten treasured marine animals and coastal livelihoods.

In the last year, you and Wavemakers like you have stood up for precious ocean life like the right whale—of which there are less than 500 left worldwide . We’ve seen new scientific reports confirming that these amazing creatures not only make the U.S. East Coast their home, but travel and live in a much bigger area than previously thought. Are we ready to start blasting the few right whales that are left?

We’re just getting started. Take action today to tell the Obama administration that seismic blasting will be devastating for our coast and that we won’t let it happen without a fight.

For the oceans,
Claire Douglass
Campaign Director, Climate & Energy
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