there outta be a law against this


Legend 5 years 12 weeks ago

Electric Utilities produce electricity for X cents per kilowatt hour and sell it for Y cents per kilowatt hour. If you have a windmill and/or solar panels and they produce more than your house is using the meter runs backwards. The Electric Utilities do not like this because they are buying electricity from you for Y cents per hour, or the retail price. I have a friend in California that during daylight hours produces about 30 kilowatt hours with solar panels.In a 24 hour period he averages about 30 kilowatt hours per day of usage. During the day his meter runs backwards. So he is even and only has the $10.00 grid connection charge per month. My Co-op in Colorado will not allow this (and law does not support it like California). I would still have to pay for energy used at night. My Co-op is also run by total Republican non climate change believers. They fight any form of renewable energy and only promote the coal that they burn. Colorado is one of the best states for Solar and Wind. What we need are smart meters that allow me to sell excess electricity at X cents per KWH and make the utility buy it. Electricity should also be sold at peak rates and non-peak rates (Y and Y+cents per hour). Solar panels make a lot of sense in highly air conditoned climates (ie Pheonix, AZ) when peak is during daylight hours. Peak is what raises our rates so high. If peak uasage is at night solar panels are not helping the grid. Lots of things can be done to cut electricity use. Run your dishwasher in non peak hours. Have your electric hot water heater on a timer so that it does not run during peak hours. Utilities do not push this enough. Your bill can also be reduced If Utility CEO's are paid a reasonable amount. Exelon, First Energy etc. CEO's are paid in the millions. At one time the CEO of Exelon made $35,000,000.00 per year. Find out what yours makes. My Co-op is fairly low but they also buy energy from Excel where the CEO makes Millions (for doing what?).

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telliottmbamsc 5 years 8 weeks ago

When the profits of energy companies matter more than reducing energy use and investing in renewable energy, we all pay the price – literally.

And that’s exactly what is about to happen across Wisconsin. Three of the state’s largest energy companies – WE Energies, Wisconsin Public Service, and Madison Gas & Electric – are proposing new billing strategies that will penalize customers for using less energy. As if that’s not bad enough, the new proposals will also tax energy produced by renewable resources that customers have already invested in, thwarting renewable energy growth in Wisconsin.

Here’s what these changes could mean:

  • Higher fixed fees mean that customers will pay more than their fair share when they reduce energy use or supplement with renewable energy sources.
  • Customers who have already invested in solar power, wind power, and bioenergy will be penalized with taxes.
  • Renewable energy companies will stop investing in Wisconsin and we will lose out on a growing industry.
  • Wisconsinites will have limited options to manage growing energy costs and the state of Wisconsin will have an energy portfolio with limited diversity.

What does this all add up to? More of your money in the pockets of the energy company and less investment in renewable energy, which has been a growing sector in Wisconsin.

But there’s still time to act before this unfair proposal becomes a reality. Let’s stop energy companies from putting their own profits before fairness and sound environmental standards.

Remember, personal comments carry even more weight! Consider revising the letter to introduce yourself and explain why you care.

Act now by clicking "send message" below. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters will print your letter and deliver it to executives at WE Energies, Wisconsin Public Service, and Madison Gas & Electric.

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telliottmbamsc 5 years 8 weeks ago

To WE Energies, Wisconsin Public Service, and Madison Gas & Electric executives:

I write to voice my concern over the revised billing rates that your companies have proposed.

By increasing fixed fees, the proposed billing rates will penalize customers who are committed to reducing energy use by charging them well beyond their share of energy consumption.

The proposed changes will also impose a financial penalty on customers who have reduced their energy bills by investing their own money into wind power, solar power, and bioenergy. An increase in fixed fees and potential taxes on renewable energy produced by consumers will stifle Wisconsin's renewable energy sector – one of the nation's fastest growing industries – by deterring investment in renewable resources.

When companies put their profit margins ahead of the public's best interest, everyone loses. Reducing incentives to invest in Wisconsin's renewable energy resources does not serve the best interest of your consumers, whether they be small business owners or individuals, or the best interest of the state of Wisconsin. Please withdraw your proposal and reverse course to develop strategies that will expand energy efficiency in Wisconsin and support the growing industry of clean, renewable energy.


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telliottmbamsc 5 years 8 weeks ago

Erroll B. Davis Jr. of Alliant Energy Corp has ties with BP, Public Broadcasting Service (“PBS”), University of Chicago, General Motors, and the National Commission of Energy Policy. Not to mention other school systems!

He IS the problem when it comes to forcing the American People to stay stuck in the dirty fossil fuel age.

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