Floods, freak rain falls, heat waves, forest fires, massive landslides, etc. etc. they all are taking a bite out of the planet’s ability to support life. The same can be said of developments of infrastructure, production capacity, export terminals, etc. by the dirty energy industry.

Here are a few examples:

In northern Wisconsin the number of Whitetail deer are crashing due to abnormally high snowfall starving out new fawns.

Perhaps most disturbing though is what is taking place in the Arctic waters. Lack of sea ice is giving Killer Whales access to hunting grounds that they until now have yet to exploit. This is spelling doom to the Narwhale. The problem is that not only are the Killer Whales feeding on the Narwhale but they are also exhibiting some aberrant behavior in the face of relatively abundant and easy prey. The Orca pods have been observed killing Narwhales even after they have eaten their fill. Their hunting and killing instincts are able to run-a-muck unchecked by the typical scarcity and expenditure of energy associated with hunting. (Break downs in animal behavior in the face of abundance has also been observed in Chimpanzees troops that have been given access to a wealth of food by researchers – fights break out amongst the members who typically peacefully coexist.)

The California drought is wiping out many species of insect pollinators whose caterpillars typically get their required amount of water from the leafs they eat.

Plam Oil. The contribution of palm oil production to the 6th mass extinction is staggering, stupefying, stunning, astronomical, phenomenal, unconscionable, beyond belief….my god, it has to be stopped, it is insane!


Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 5 years 1 day ago

OMG...the sky is falling.

Enough with the doom and gloom already. The more times you cry "wolf", fewer and fewer ears are reached.

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