This from Fight for the Future:

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Signature needed: Tell Congress you’re not fooled by Comcast’s lies.

Net neutrality is not a partisan issue. Since the Internet was built it’s been based on a few basic principles: like the idea that everyone’s data should move at the same speed, and no government or corporation should interfere or decide what you can see and do online.

That’s not a liberal or conservative idea. It’s just a good idea. Everyone from venture capitalists to environmentalists support it. [1]

But now that we’re potentially days away from getting a rule to prevent Cable company F*$kery, monopolies like Comcast and Verizon are doubling down on manipulating the process: they’re calling in all their favors in Congress by tapping the offices of everyone they donated to. [2] And, it's working.

Despite net neutrality being obvious policy, their pals in Congress are working to screw things up again by making this into a partisan circus, and unleashing Cable propaganda. All to take focus away from the facts: the Internet has thrived with net neutrality for 20 years, and we need to keep the net neutral to keep it awesome.

Tell Congress you’re not fooled by Comcast’s lies and won’t tolerate partisan nonsense. Click here to take action.

Fortunately, the public isn’t fooled. We know that net neutrality is not “regulating the Internet.” It’s just ground rules that PREVENT mega-corporations like Comcast and governments from regulating the Internet in their own interest.

This Friday is the last day for the FCC to come out with a proposal for full Title II reclassification. If they don’t, part of the blame rests with Congress, who have been muddying the waters on this issue even though there is a clear public consensus.

Sign the petition to your lawmakers: tell them you’re not fooled by lies or partisan politics and you want them to support real net neutrality.

We’re close. Really close. But this fight is going to get uglier before we win. FOIA'd documents that were just released show just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and just how cozy the relationship between the FCC and the telecoms really is. [3] Stay vigilant. Check your facts. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet and DEFINITELY don’t believe what you see on Cable TV.

We’ve come this far -- we’ve taken Title II reclassification from something that was impossible to something that now seems nearly inevitable. We’re ready to take it home and we’re proud to have you on the team.

Please share widely with all your networks and encourage your friends and family to email Congress this week!


-Evan at FFTF

P.S. We put together a quick website as an easy resource to counteract Cable lies about net neutrality. Check it out and share! us know if you have other Cable lies we should debunk there.

[1] Battle for the Net.

[2] Furnas, Alexander and Lee Drutman. “How telecoms and cable have dominated net neutrality lobbying”. Sunlight Foundation.[3] Leopold, Jason. “Net neutrality emails reveal cozy 'social network' between FCC and telecoms”. Vice Magazine.

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Ken Duerksen's picture
Ken Duerksen 5 years 1 day ago

"President O'Blah blah"

Har Har! Ain't it the pathetic, discouraging truth!

telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 4 years 49 weeks ago

This from Demand Progress:

The overwhelming majority of the public supports Net Neutrality. So why did dozens of Republican lawmakers just sign a letter in opposition to it?

You know the answer: A handful of powerful phone and cable companies are fighting tooth and nail to destroy the Internet as we know it. They have armies of lobbyists and are among the biggest campaign spenders -- including hundreds of thousands in donations to the lawmakers who signed the letter.

Please click here to add your name: Tell Republican lawmakers to stand with the Internet -- not Comcast!

This letter is so significant because the lawmakers who it sit on the committees that have oversight over the Federal Communcations Commission.

We need to put them and all Members of Congress on notice that we're watching to see whose side they're on.

And if they bow to the Big Cable monopolies over the will of their constituents, it's because they've been corrupted by the money Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner pour into political campaigns.

Please click here to add your name: Tell Republican lawmakers to stand with the Internet -- not Comcast!

To make sure that they hear us, we'll tweet the names of petition signers (one-by-one) at the over three dozen Republican Members of Congress that have signed the letter to the FCC opposing real Net Neutrality and Title II reclassification. The tweets will take a form similar to these:

Hey [Members of Congress], [Your First Name] [Your Last Name's First Initial] from [StateAbbreviation] wants you to support an open Internet, not cable monopolies. Support #NetNeutrality

[Your First Name] [Your Last Name's First Initial] of [State Abbreviation] sez side with the public on #NetNeutrality [Members of Congress], not Big Cable

Please click here to add your name: Tell Republican lawmakers to stand with the Internet -- not Comcast!

-Demand Progress

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