This from the Pen:

Dear Friends and Activists,

We interrupt this activist channel for a policy emergency.

This action page goes to all the Attorney General, all members of
Congress, and President Obama.

Action Page: Prosecute Jamie Dimon And Members Of Congress For
Criminal Corruption:


We call on Attorney General Eric Holder to launch an immediate
investigation into the surreptitious insertion of a provision gutting
the Dodd-Frank law into the omnibus spending bill, favoring large
Wall Street campaign donors Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan, and the
circumstances behind which members of Congress voted for this.

Members of Congress may be able to contend that they did not know
what ELSE was in the 1603 page bill, because they had insufficient
time to read it when it was dropped at the last possible minute. But
they were on express notice that THIS provision was in there because
they were heavily "lobbied" by Dimon personally and everyone knew
about it.

As direct or indirect beneficiaries of Dimon's largesse over the
years, the "official act" of voting for this bill constitutes
sufficient "nexus" to justify prosecutions under 18 USC 201(b), 18
USC 201(c), or other available statutes.

President Obama's own intense whipping for this very provision may
not rise to the level of an "official act," but were he to sign the
bill under these circumstances, he too should be prosecuted at the
first available opportunity.

Only far reaching prosecutions on the grounds above can restore the
faith of the American people in the integrity of our government.


The Citizens United decision has turned our government into an open
running sewer of corruption.

Not only did they sneak this Dodd-Frank disabling provision into the
spending bill virtually in the middle of the night, but they also
jacked up the amount that individuals can donate to political parties
by ten-fold. At a time when money already has obscenely inordinate
dominance in our policy process, all Congress wants to do is run
faster in the wrong direction.

We are so glad that we have just about completed post-production of
Citizens United, The Movie, taking on in a dramatic way the critical
issue of reversing the Citizens United decision. We will be working
on the final editing assembly straight through the holidays, and
allowing a couple weeks lead time to press up the discs once we have
the master, we reasonably anticipate getting out the advance DVDs no
later than January.

Citizens United, The Movie, could not be more timely.

Our final Kickstarter project for this movie production funded
successfully and is now closed.

But since there still will be additional expenses, and since the
movie is technically not quite completed yet and ready for actual
release, we'll leave a back door open for a very brief time on our
own site, including the option to claim our last available Associate
Producer movie credit (with private home screening with director Pen
personally), but only for those supporters who already know the

Citizens United, The Movie, site:

And we thank you all for your amazing support in making all this

It's time to speak out again.

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