This and lifting environmental regulations here in “home land” was the goal of “energy independence” all along. And exporting your oil in the name of “energy independence” is like fucking in the name of virginity. Selling your oil off doesn’t contribute to your having a supply of oil that is makes you independent of other Countries supplies of oil. It is a movement in the direct opposite direction.

Barac O’bama’s call for “energy independence” was nothing but a cynical scam perpetrated against the American People, at the expense of the American People, for the benefit of Big Oil. America under Barac O’bama is the ultimate Griftopia. Don’t believe it? Just look at what Obama and the Health insurance industry accomplished with Obamacare.

BP and Big Oil have achieved their making the US the next Petroleum Police State not too unlike, I fear, Azerbaijan.

The US will now will be drained and contaminated as Big Oil illustrates what the expression “petroleum plantation” means in town after town across America. Sure a few 99%’s might get tossed a few million, what amounts to less than pocket change, in the overall scheme, but by far the sole benefactor will be Big Oil. (you might want to read up on the tribe’s experience with oil exploitation in the Dakotas).

How does this help America? Big Oil is given the land for nothing in government auctions. What they may have to pay for a rigged judiciary sees to it that what they pay isn’t much at all. Big Oil doesn’t pay their fair share of taxes, and the jobs created by today’s modern oil exploration technology are few.

We will be left with contaminated water. Other locations will be left with earthquakes and toxic pools. Still other states will be left with scars from open pit sand mines. Homes will grow cracked and compromised, with their homeowner’s land values plummeting from nearby fracking. Oil spills will contaminate the People’s land, both private and public, rendering it, for all intents and purposes, permanently unusable and wholly depleted.

And for what? So Barac Obama and his filth can get campaign donations from Big Oil? So we can plunge headlong into an excess of climate change [fuck it, you know what, let’s call it what it is a “planetary thermal maximum” and I recommend you get used to what the proper title of what we are in suggests] that will bring humanity to its knees?

Funny how this happened right in the middle of the Holidays. When Washington knew People would be distracted and have a good chance of overlooking it. Because they knew what they were doing was against the wishes of the American People, else why try to hide it?!

The Government of the United States of America may be so hoplessly corrupt under Barac Obama that things like the Keystone Pipeline, Enbridge Pipeline, Trans Pacific Partnership, fracking, and other bullshit against the best interest of the 99% can’t be stopped…but in the future, under a true representative government, well…shut it all down, cease and desist, take the treaty and tear it up, paddle lock the sea ports that are being used to export climate killing coal and dirty American Oil.

But one thing is for sure, as we will continue to see in the coming years of violent and aberrant weather, in the coming years of famine and heat prostration, that Obama’s efforts at fucking over the American People with Big Oil and dirty energy’s help can not be allowed to continue and it must be ALL be SHUT DOWN with a SEIZURE OF THE CORRESPONDING CORPORATE AND PRIVATE WEALTH NECESSARY TO HELP THE PEOPLE COPE WITH THE THERMAL MAXIMUM IT HELPED MAKE SO SEVERE. And when that day comes, it will be too late.


chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 4 years 41 weeks ago

When did Obama make this change?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 4 years 41 weeks ago

Is that why the price of gasoline is starting to go up now? Or, is that a way to increase the price of gasoline by shipping US oil reserves out of the US? I guess they are also putting another tax on gasoline. With the price of gasoline so low, maybe they are seeing a way to get more money for the government and the oil companies.

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