And the worry of whether or not the water is safe to drink makes these homes completely unsaleable even when the local banks and credit unions have to foreclose because the mortgage is bigger than the appraised value.

More and more, on every issue effecting the economy and social justice it is simply us against them – Washington\Special Interest Nexus versus the 99%. Washington serves these special interests almost exclusively while the 99% is left to fend for itself. And their fending for themselves in part against a rigged judicial system.

The “fly over” is not a sacrifice zone in their quest for ever increasing wealth.

This from Food and Water Watch:

"I am fighting this fight because Carson is where I live. My late husband and I worked hard to leave something for our children and grandkids. How can I leave them something that’s cracking and falling down and beaten up due to drilling? Why would I let some corporation come in here and destroy my legacy? This fight is for our lives, our health, our water, our everything." —Dianne Thomas, Carson, CA.

Dianne Thomas and her fellow activists began working with Food & Water Watch because they knew about our work with communities to stop fracking. Your donation today will help us fight fracking in more communities in 2015.

We just won a huge victory last week when Governor Cuomo banned fracking in New York. Food & Water Watch helped build a powerful movement with a winning campaign strategy to take on big oil and gas. Our team of field organizers are eager to partner with more communities to bring this same winning approach to fracking fights, like Dianne's in California.

Dianne knows first-hand how dirty the oil industry is — she grew up in Port Arthur, Texas, a city that revolves around the local oil refineries. She and her husband moved to Carson, California, a rural suburb dotted with farmlands and fruit stands, where they bought a home and started their family. They didn't realize that their new hometown had its own Shell refinery and a history of drilling. They were relieved when the refinery shut down within years of their arrival.

But a couple of years ago, Occidental Petroleum came to town with a proposal to drill 200 new oil wells over the next 10 years. This was not what Dianne imagined when she bought a home for her family in Carson, some 43 years ago.

The night before the first town meeting with Occidental, Dianne caught a special on TV about extreme oil extraction — she saw homes cracking and falling apart because of fracking, one of the extreme drilling techniques the oil companies were using. So at the meeting with Occidental, she asked point blank: would there be fracking? They said yes.

Since then, Dianne has worked tirelessly to fight Occidental and their dirty, dangerous proposal. If you agree that not one more family should face the threats of fracking, please donate today. If you give before December 31, the impact of your donation will be tripled thanks to a generous donor!

Our Southern California Organizer, Alexandra Nagy, partnered with Dianne and the Carson community on this campaign — attending City Council meetings, holding press events and helping the Carson community build the political power to fight fracking. It's been an uphill battle, with Occidental pulling powerful political strings and spending a ton of money to get the City Council on its side. But Dianne is committed to this effort and she will not stop until her home is protected from fracking.

It's the support from people like you that allows us to join these local fights and help communities keep fracking out.

Dianne is an inspiration, and we are so honored to work beside her in this fight. But the truth is, it shouldn't come to this. No one's home should be threatened by the dangers of fracking, no family should have to worry if their water is safe to drink or if their home will be destroyed.

We fight for what's right — even when others may not think it's possible — and we build the political pressure to hold our elected officials accountable. We know this approach works, because that's how we banned fracking in New York! We need your help to bring this winning approach to more communities like Dianne's.

Make your special year-end gift to Food & Water Watch today and keep us working with people like Dianne to protect all families from fracking.

Thank you for all that you do,

Mark Schlosberg
Organizing Director
Food & Water Watch

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telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 4 years 46 weeks ago

And Washington's whole salvation of the 1% by fracking may very well be - pardon the pun - pipedream.

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