In contemporary society the media is an indispensable tool in politicians attempts to manufacture consent. In addition to Washington using the media to disseminate special interest group lies over and over again, politicians also seek to craft a favorable and “usable” image of themselves in the minds of voters. They do this, in part, by promoting an image of themselves as “stars” or “celebrities.”

It is common knowledge that the stars of entertainment media are especially esteemed by American fans who often take their like of celebrities to the level of worship. This fact hasn’t been lost on Washington, often called the Hollywood for ugly people. Imagine the influence and sheer raw power over the masses a politician could command if he were similarly viewed as a celebrity. And so, politicians sidle up to movie and rock stars in the hopes of gleaning some vicarious star worship….and it works. Politicians approval ratings are swayed into the realm of similar favoritism shown for successful and popular movie actors and actresses. The fan projects unearned trust the movie star politician. Things flow from the fan like extending the benefit of the doubt to the rock star politician. Basically, the politicians’ earn a ring in the nose of the fan in which they can lead the fan voter around just about anywhere….and they do, my god do they ever! It’s not uncommon for fan voters to defend their celebrity politician. On and on it goes, it’s warped, Jedi mind control \ CIA bullshit.

So when the sexual predator bill clinton posses with gaga or bono try not to confuse the basis for your emotions toward the one or ther other. Don't extend a politician unearned voting allegience just because they appeared on TV sitting next to your favorite celebrity.

Read some of Al Gore’s writings, they are very illuminating.


Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 5 years 7 weeks ago

Gag-inducing and dangerous.

Ozark Matt's picture
Ozark Matt 5 years 7 weeks ago

I liked your thoughts. The title could have been more concise.

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