Does Obama think that if you claims a “recovery” he can justify burning off even more of the 99% economy with a trade agreement that is NAFTA on Steroids?

STOP making generalization’s about the economy because of outlying data observations from the Oil and Gas Industry - fracking! Any alleged Economic Recovery – if any at all - is limited to the Rich and the Oil and Gas Industry. If any recovery at all! And besides claiming an economic recovery premised on letting Big Oil run riot over the environment is like saying you’re happily employed and enjoying the prosperity you’re experiencing from digging your own grave (by collapsing the environment even further.)

The headline rate of Unemployment is an absolute farce. Un and underemployment is still a problem. And with the levels of Concentration of Wealth and the Labor Force Participation Rate THERE CAN BE NO RECOVERY – the economy is operating at a level so far below its potential it’s obscene. Again, the economy is currently operating at a level so far below its potential it is an obscenity.

Again, if you’re not engaged in spoiling and wasting the Commons (including PEOPLE’S HOME VALUES) – by fracking you are NOT experiencing a recovery. And folks, even with fracking there are real, tangible limits to the number of People other than the frackers, screwed over land owners and cyanide compound makers that might ever, EVER benefit one penny from it. Likewise PLEASE do not try to make the argument that the Country is on the mend because the Health Insurance industry is rolling in the dough due to Obamasnare.

Is all you have to do if your President and want to claim victory is to dummy up some statistics? Do the Democrats think that if they can make some specious claim of a “recovery” believable they can justify burning off even more of the 99% economy with a trade agreement that is NAFTA on Steroids? That it said alleged recovery is cause to dole out billions in Corporate welfare to the 1%?

Ps $320 billion in new taxes?! HA! Talk is cheap, in addition to Biden being full of shit on the economy.

The 99% in this country is doomed


Penny Rewis 4 years 32 weeks ago

Right now our "recovery" has us $126 TRILLION of Total Federal Obligations in debt. That's $400,000 of debt for every man, woman and child in American. Doesn't sound like recovery. We have no manufacturing of goods, only paper transactions.....correction, cyber transactions by Wall Street

Fracking is NOT the largest employer in this country. We have the military industry and the prison system...great employers. Also politics and law enforcement. Become the shooter or the shootee!

With oil prices falling - globally, society is BROKE so who can afford all that oil? There's a glut in the market so fracking is coming to a crawl and many of those companies will soon be in dire financial straits. Hooray! But that contributes to unemployment on the downside.

It's a land of opportunity! Graduate high school and take your pick of the aforementioned or else work in fast food or one of the local chain stores for slave wages.

I've spoken to MANY high school students and most of them who have college aspirations plan to join the military because they can support themselves and Uncle Sam covers the cost of college. Those who don't join the military have a hard row to hoe with most of the alternatives in this country.

Hey, maybe we should thank our lucky stars that we have so much war globally else all these young people, our future, wouldn't have that military opportunity. That also explains the necessity of creating new forums for military action worldwide.

Maybe that's what our leaders mean by "recovery"?

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