Obama needs to be arrested, or at the very least impeached from office.

Politicians are willing to do for cash things so far out on the fringe of legality that they can’t even disclose them to the American People for fear, extremely justified fear, that they will be found guilty of at the very least violating their oath of office . That is the TPP. It does not serve the American People else Barac Obama would disclose its text to the People. Obama’s withholding the text of the TPP is his own admission of violating the Office of Presidency. This is not how America was ever even remotely supposed to conduct itself toward its People, and just because the People in power won’t police themselves doesn’t make what Obama is doing with the TPP legal. If not, were will it stop? It seems the game of two party one upsmanship to win over special interests has summarily excluded the American People from participating in large chunks of their “democracy”… and by every appearance no sacrifice by 99% of Americans in pursuit of winning this upsmanship is too great. It will continue to get worse if we don’t do something and be advised, amongst other things, there is scarcely any more future left for them to eat. Perhaps that’s why television coverage of the deadly heat wave in India is being suppressed? You know, in the name of, how did Obama put it, “protecting us from the effects of our changing climate.”

We are just now learning the heavy economic and financial toll the Clintons have been putting on the backs of the American People acting for special interests. For instance, millions of Americans put out of their homes by abusive bank regulation, millions of Americans and Mexican Nationals losing their jobs to NAFTA, Hillary’s threats not to pay out Taxpayers money to fight proliferation of weapons of mass destruction unless there is something in it for her or her subterfuges, and on and on it goes with enough to fill a book!

If you want to bring republican and democratic voters together the TPP is it. Universal opposition by 99% of American voters that no elected official, save a few, will champion.

Amongst other things, the TPP effectively supplants government with corporate rule and that is tantamount to overthrowing the government. If you don’t think so, wait a while and ask a few State and local governments exposed to the machinations of the TPP whether or not it overthrows government.


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telliottmbamsc 2 years 51 weeks ago


Here’s some exciting and scary news: decision-makers and the media are saying that the TPP Internet censorship plan is at a make-or-break stage.1 Use our special tool to send a message right to decision-makers now.


In an effort to hide from public view, key TPP bureaucrats just met in Guam to “narrow down the issues that should be left to high-level political decisions” Put simply: it’s now up to Trade Ministers and top officials to make the difficult choices.2

This means we need to reach these decision-makers ASAP. Send a message to U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman today: do not cement into place new powers to censor expression and our online lives.

The more we know about the TPP, the scarier it gets. A recent UN report raised concerns about how the TPP threatens human rights, and impedes access to science and culture.3

What’s worse, under the TPP, your Trade Representative gets special powers to challenge any laws in other countries that they deem unacceptable through the so-called ‘certification’ process.4 No other country claims this power. Does that sound fair to you?

Already over 40 Parliamentarians from TPP countries have voiced their opposition to this impending unfair scheme.5

Stand with Parliamentarians around the world, and tell Michael Froman today: don’t overwrite our laws to censor the Internet!

The TPP’s regulations will supercede our domestic rules, and favour those being advanced by unaccountable, unelected lobbyists.

Recent media coverage6 has confirmed that TPP is at a make or break stage—now is the time to act. Make sure Michael Froman hears this message from you: don’t overwrite our laws to censor the Internet.

This deal is not good for the Internet, and we won’t stand for it. Use our special tool to make sure your Trade Representative hears the message today.

For free expression,

-Meghan, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S.: OpenMedia is a small team fighting a big battle. Every bit of support you can give us helps! Chip in $5 today and help us make sure the Internet remains free for everyone.

[1],[6] Pacific trade deal could be two weeks away if US fast-track measure passes. Source: The Guardian.
[2] Intellectual property issues viewed as last TPP hurdle. Source: Japan Times.
[3] UN Experts Say TPP and Fast Track Threaten Human Rights. Source: EFF.
[4] TPP: No Certification. Source.
[5] Canadian MPs Join International Legislators to Oppose “Certification” in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, say it Endangers Country Sovereignty. Source: Common Dreams.

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