Rich Thurman's picture
Rich Thurman 4 years 16 weeks ago

You can't say something is "classified" after it has been sent!! It has to be

"classified" before it has been sent. Who says our "secrecy" system is any good

anyway!??? The Chinese and Russians probably read those e-mails before

Hillary even got them! Who are you kidding!?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 4 years 16 weeks ago

I'll bet the USA has collected and read far more classified Chinese and Russian documents than they have collected and read of ours. But the USA wants the world to believe that it is only the Chinese and Russians who are the bad guys. And I certainly don't buy it! The Chinese and Russians did not illegally invade and occupy the middle east nor caused an overthrow of the legitimate government of Ukraine, nor are they trying to overthrow Syria or Iran like the US has been doing, or wanting to do. You only have to look at what the USA is doing to it's own people, spying on them big time to know that the USA is being a very big hypocrite when it points the finger at the Chinese and Russians or Iran or Syria.

telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 4 years 16 weeks ago


Hillary knew what topics may make a communication classified, yet she chose to discuss them anyway...without exercising a reasonable standard of care as to their possible confidential nature.

What is more, in today's world, if it is on a private server it is in the public domain. And if Hillary made a choice to put communications of a type and topic on a private server she made a conscious choice to make those communications PUBLIC. That is HUGELY different from Russians and Chinese reading such e-mails off a US government server, where such server is called for for US Government officials seeking to follow protocol for their communications... where such communications may possibly contain confidential, sensitive, and classified communications.

If our Government's laws facilitate a possible breach of classified information that is one thing, but if a Government official takes actions to facilitate a possible breach of classified information that is an entirely different matter.

Who knows how long and what information Hillary may have made "public in her own special way?" How many lives of American Citizens did she possibly threaten trying to hide her greed this way?


and btw Rich, please don't junk up my postings with your pseudo-intellectual, pro demo-rat bullshit.

Steven.PBarrett 4 years 16 weeks ago

I saw something on Fox about a federal employee who, if I heard the story correctly, pled guilty to wiping out one, one single email ... and he was facing some definite time behind bars. Behind bars for one swiped email. And here's Hillary lecturing down the press and expecting it and the rest of us watching that scene in Nevada the other day with her expounding on about everything in this mess she created is "about process." I bet that went over quite hilariously (no pun intended) well in Cong. Trey Gowdy's office. Ah hell, since I came up with one lame pun, I might as well have fun with another suggesting that any more comments like that from Clinton her political ambitions will start looking and smelling more like limburger than processed cheese and the South Carolina Congressman, a former prosecutor, no less, will hand her head back to her party long before her presumed "coronation" is staged for either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. 'Night Hillary.

Lore's picture
Lore 4 years 16 weeks ago

I remember a bush apointee that got a 'seven layer wipe' of a government laptop to hide the criminal activity he was involved in. that didn't get him charged with any crimes! of course, that was an actual crime.

Most of the 'Hilary bashing' is just the right wing trolls that are fed lines to spew on the net. Hilary is considered a 'red flag' to these bull(ies). They targeted her during Bills' term and have never let up!

Frankly, I am impressed at how well she does considering all the abuse they dump on her daily. Few Republicans could do half as well.

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