It's just typical human behavior (most often seen in teenagers), if hillary gets away with her bullshit here, she'll just get worse, She'll think she can get away with murder and/or otherwise convince herself that she is untouchable and she'll double-down on her bad behavior as a public official.

Whether she gets away with it or is held fully accountable, hillary is done as a public servant.


Lore's picture
Lore 4 years 13 weeks ago

when bush, cheney and rover were actively engaged in comitting crimes while using non-government emails to conduct white house activities; when they were removing voters from the polls; when they were paying off campaign donors with government contracts; when they were pushing the State Attorneys to go after Democrats and 'find' a crime ---- and fired those that didn't --- there was no barrage of propaganda and MSM repeating talking points of day for months on end. I wonder why? could it be that corporate owned media is in cahoots with the RNC/GOP to rule the nation thru oligarchs?

I am not impressed by a non issue being treated like something worthy of discussion. The Republicans, if they have any brains, have known about the server since the first investigation even if they kept silent about it for some time -- and have been pushing out little jabs, pin pricks to make their nose ring voters jump!

there is no issue. Nothing was done illegally. Changing the rules after does not make her a criminal. She is not a 'spoiled brat' getting away with something --- that would be Bush, Cheney, and Rover. In fact, they considered many crminals acts not a big deal because the punishments were non-existent or required getting Republicans to agree with charges -- something that wouldn't happen.

teenage behavior? that would be the teapots! lots of emotion but few brains! are they going to shut down the government again because they got a good deal and didn't know when to say yes?

dfedack's picture
dfedack 4 years 12 weeks ago

Lore, You have many good points and I agree with you. The media reports on Trump's wall like its a really good idea, its not. This is a non story and they are out to try to destroy Hillary while they ignore Bernie.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 4 years 12 weeks ago

You MUST be a HITMAN for the extremist right wing Republican Party, a party so crazy , so SCARY,so disfunctional , that they have to send out legions of right wing bloggers to terrorize the population into voting for them using fear, lies, half truths and vivid imaginations. -

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