yet another form of taking or "dispossession" being carried out by the elite.


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 4 years 11 weeks ago

add to this the loss in value by homeowners effected by fracking quakes and water contamination and you beging to see how government can be used to transfer wealth from one class to another - from the People to the Corporations and special interests.

Instant-RunOff-... 4 years 11 weeks ago

A much smarter way to mitigate the risk from these fire-trap forests is to cull the waste/excess/diseased wood, which has caused some of the terrible forest fires, and in turn release vast amounts of CO2 and Soot into the atmosphere. Properly harvesting the Wood would result in much less fire hazard, much lower emissions & GHG gases, more productive and healthy CO2 absorbing forests. In western US, 30% forests are overstocked, have insect (bark beetle) and fire risk problems with associated carcinogenic fine particulate emissions. An abundance of underutilized WOOD with environmental problems & no economic return. In Washington, 20% forests have high fire risk. 1992-2001, forest wildfires emitted 65 million metric tons CO2 in Oregon is the carbon in ~740,700,00 barrels crude oil.

And Wood to biofuel means Methanol, a very simple process that has been done for over 350 years. That's why Methanol is traditionally called "Wood Alcohol". Mobile tranport-trailer sized Methanol plants could be moved to suitable areas where Wood waste is available. It is far more economical and energy efficient than the heavily subsidized, environmentally destructive ethanol production that totally dominates biofuels in the USA. An avg 1700 gals of precious water wasted to produce one gallon of corn ethanol. And methanol being the cleanest burning of all liquid fuels. One ton of dry Biomass produces 166 gal of methanol or 2890 kwh of thermal energy. Efficiency of conversion biomass to Methanol 45 to 66%. Forest residue conversion efficiencies to methanol = 45-55%. Such methanol costs 3 cents per mile a vehicle & 5 gms CO2/kwh vs 9 cents & 8 gms Solar, 5 cents & 20 gms biogas, 5 cents & 160 gms gasoline & diesel, 6 cents & 80 gms Ethanol. Sugar cane Ethanol 24-36 gal per Tonne dry biomass vs Wood Methanol 165 to 186 gals per tonne. The EPA calculates a 95% reduction in vehicle fire deaths by replacing gasoline with methanol.

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