The Democratic and Republican parties are a CANCER on the 99%


tom kauser 3 years 44 weeks ago

Currency war much opined about has began? punishments will now commence? losing American jobs to China is so 20th century . Possible loss of far- east trading partners due to western over-reach is a more pertainate 21st century fear ? in the past a gun boat would be taken now its just the rest of the jobs! WHAT BANKER THOUGHT THIS WAS A GREAT DEAL?

tom kauser 3 years 44 weeks ago

China probs mad about not being a part of T.P.P or not selling enough to finance its DEBT? Products are cheaper fuel is half price and wages have been falling for 40 years and yet we have massive inflation at WALMART? Not only prices going up 10-15% but also quanties per unit are being reduced 10-15%? the only thing i can surmise is OBAMA is OK with WALMART shitting on him as the sole blame for INFLATION? COST ARE HALFED WHY YOU PAYING DOUBLE? What bet prices go up faster because of devaluation and not go down like they should?

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mannapat 3 years 44 weeks ago

The Iran deal is a good one, and it needs to go forward.

What reason do the other 5 nations involved in these talks have for supporting the deal ?
Why do the leaders of the majority of other nations in the world support the deal ?
Why do the majority of American Jews support the deal?
And why do more than 30 retired members of the military and
intel in Israel support the deal ?

Here’s the list - And I would imagine that all of them are concerned with the safety and well being of their fellow citizens.

Shlomo Gaza, Chief of Intelligence, Major General
Carmi Gillon, Director of Israel Security Agency
Ami Ayalon, Vice Admiral, Director of Israel Security Agency
Itamar Yaar, Colonel Deputy Israeli National Security Council
Arie Pellman, Israeli Security Agency official
Amiram Levin, deputy of the Mossad director, Major General
Itzhak Barzilay, Mossad official
Nathan Sharony, Major General, head of planning for the armed forces

Numerous admirals and generals signed the letter as well:
David Ben Bashat, Vice Admiral
Micha Ram, Vice Admiral
Alex Tal, Vice Admiral
Amira Dotan, Brigadier General, member of Parliament

Uzi Eilam, Brigadier General, Director of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission
Aviezer Yaari, Major General
Giora Romm, Major General
Moshe Lichtman, Major General
Amram Mitzna, Major General, member of Parliament
Abraham Almog, Brigadier General, Medal of Courage
Asher Levy, Brigadier General
Yossi Gonen, Brigadier General
Giora Inbar, Brigadier General
Arie Keren, Brigadier General
Yoram Cohen, Brigadier General
Shlomo Egozy. Brigadier General
Yosef Eyal, Brigadier General
Asaf Agmon, Brigadier General
Uriel Agmon, Brigadier General
Yoram Agmon, Brigadier General
Amos Amir Brigadier General
Mordechai ‘Motke’ Ben Porat, Brigadier General
Shaul Gavoli, Police Major Geneneral, LDF Brigadier General
Ilan Paz, Brigadier General
Yitzhak Rabin, Brigadier General
Giora Ram (Furman), PhD, Brigadier General
Yaron Ram, Brigadier General
Gilad Ramot, Brigadier General
Gilad Raz, Brigadier General
lftach Spector, Brigadier General
Benny Taran , Brigadier General
Aharon Vardi, Brigadier General
Shlomo Waxe. Brigadier General
Izak Zamir, Brigadier General
Gadi Zohar, Brigadier General
Amnon Reshef, General
Ran Ronen, General
Danny Rothschild, General

In addition, numerous top Israeli military brass have previously come out in favor
of the Iran deal, including:
Efraim Halevy, Mossad Director; former head of National Security Council
Shlomo Ben-Ami, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Internal Security
Shlomo Brom, brigadier general; former director of IDF strategic planning division; former deputy national security advisor
Uzi Arad, national security advisor
Dov Tamari, military intelligence chief; former head of special operations
Chuck Freilich, deputy national security advisor
Yitzhak Ben-Yisrael, Chair of Israel’s space agency; former IDF general
Uzi Even, lead scientist at Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor
Eran Etzion, Deputy Head of the Israeli National Security Council; former Head of Policy Planning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israel Ziv, major general
Eli Levite, deputy director general of Israel’s atomic energy commission

What I can't figure out, is Schumer ignorant of these facts, or is he just looking to get rich off of war?

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