Diane Hendricks, Paul Ryan, Scott Fitzgerald, Sean Duffy, and the Kochs need to own some of the blame for this in addition to the ALEC lackeys named in the title line.

Whites High School students in Wisconsin graduate at a rate of 92.9% compared to 66% for black students. The WORST disparity in the Nation.

This is not Democracy. Giving a greater role to junk bond king Michael Milken’s invention of “charter” or “voucher” schools is only going to make it worse.

Special thanks to the Isthmus weekly news rag in Madison


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 3 years 46 weeks ago

What is really tragic, is that Walker is not air tight. Despite all his chicanery and passage of the GOP’s “corrupt politician protection act” he can be put in jail (special thanks to the “devil’s advocate”). BUT it would require Washington, most notably the US Supreme Court, to act in a nonpartisan, unbiased and objective fashion and it is a given that the highest court in America can NOT be trusted to do that!

Today's US Supreme Court has a very real social cost to it, but money continues to rule our Democracy - when Obama and the Democrats had a chance to enact comprehensive campaign finance reform during the first days of Oblahblah's first term!

earthie48 3 years 46 weeks ago


If they WANT BETTER, Black Folks better PAY ATTENTION and GET INVOLVED, if they want a different REALITY!

If Black Folks don't VOTE, nor PAY ATTENTION to what is going on in their COMMUNITIES, all I got to to say .... IS BLAME YOURSELVES! Because what is happening to YOU in your COMMUNITY, is BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION, and MORE IMPORTANTLY ..... NOT VOTING!


Honestly, being a BLACK AMERICAN, I VOTE, despite the fact I can't change the reTHUGlicans that's voted into our Congress and Senate ... BUT I VOTE!

FERGUSON, MO, you guys don't have an excuse, your azzes did NOT VOTE; so why are you COMPLAINING?

earthie48 3 years 46 weeks ago

As Bernie Sanders STATES, until we come together as a PEOPLE, we cannot change Washington!

Get off your overworked .... UNDERPAID AZZES, if you want a better future!

earthie48 3 years 46 weeks ago

What I do not understand, why is it that the POOR and the MIDDLE CLASS are so WILLING to SACRIFICE their LIVES and leaving their CHILDREN without a MOM or DAD, while the WARMONGER'S have ALL their family MEMBERS in TACT and SAFE!

There is something very wrong with this picture! Until the WARMONGER'S SACRIFICE their CHILDREN, RELATIVES, SUPPORTER'S for their GREEDY, EVIL CAUSES, NO WAY would I place my life on the LINE, until 50% of them are on the same soil of danger as our TROOPS!

Really, what makes them so special .... because of their WEALTH???

Sorry, until they are with me, SIDE BY SIDE, in the Country they want me to SACRIFICE MY LIFE FOR .... they better be RIGHT NEXT TO ME; if NOT, no way should our troops sacrifice their lives for the WEALTHY FEW, WHILE THEY ARE SAFE, ALONG WITH "ALL" THEIR CHILDREN .... SAFE, WHILE THE POOR AND THE MIDDLE CLASS HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES, LIMBS, AND MENTAL INSTABILITY!, and DESTROYED their FAMILY STRUCTURE; FOR THEY NO LONGER HAVE A MOTHER OR DAD, WITH BUSH and CHENEY, these children could have lost BOTH PARENT'S!

All while Cheney had 5 DEFERMENTS; GW OFF PARTYING, and the rest of poor Americans LOST THEIR LIVES, LIMBS, and left SCREWED UP, MENTALLY!

Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 3 years 46 weeks ago


Look into cognitive dissonance. The military has found that abusing the troops makes them more enthusiastic to perform their duties.


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 3 years 45 weeks ago

Here's a list of Wisconsin's "little slice of heaven"

The Wisconsin State GOP

Rep. Scott Allen (97th - Waukesha)
Rep. Tyler August (32nd - Lake Geneva)
Rep. Joan Ballweg (41st - Markesan)
Rep. Kathy Bernier (68th - Chippewa Falls)
Rep. Mark Born (39th - Beaver Dam)
Rep. Janel Brandtjen (22nd - Menomonee Falls)
Rep. Ed Brooks (50th - Reedsburg)
Rep. Rob Brooks (60th - Saukville)
Rep. Dave Craig (83rd - Big Bend)
Rep. Mary Czaja (35th- Irma)
Rep. James Edming (87th - Glen Flora)
Rep. Bob Gannon (58th - Slinger)
Rep. Dave Heaton (85th - Wausau)
Rep. Cody Horlacher (33rd - Mukwonago)
Rep. Rob Hutton (13th- Brookfield)
Rep. John Jagler (37th - Watertown)
Rep. Andre Jaque (2nd - Green Bay)
Rep. Adam Jarchow (28th - Balsam Lake)
Rep. Terry Katsma (26th - Oostburg)
Rep. Samantha Kerkman (61st- Randall)
Rep. Joel Kitchens (1st - Sturgeon Bay)
Rep. Joel Kleefisch (38th - Oconomowoc)
Rep. Dan Knodl (24th - Germantown)
Rep. Dean Knudson (30th - Hudson)
Rep. Dale Kooyenga (14th - Brookfield)
Rep. Jesse Kremer (59th - Kewaskum)
Rep. Scott Krug (72nd - Wisconsin Rapids)
Rep. Mike Kuglitsch (84th - New Berlin)
Rep. Bob Kulp (69th - Stratford)
Rep. Tom Larson (67th - Colfax)
Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (31st - Clinton)
Rep. John Macco (88th - Ledgeview)
Rep. Dave Murphy (56th- Greenville)
Rep. Jeff Mursau (36th - Crivitz)
Rep. John Murtha (29th - Baldwin)
Rep. Lee Nerison (96th - Westby)
Rep. Adam Neylon (98th - Pewaukee)
Rep. Todd Novak (51st - Dodgeville)
Rep. John Nygren (89th - Marinette)
Rep. Al Ott (3rd- Forest Junction)
Rep. Jim Ott (23rd - Mequon)
Rep. Kevin Petersen (40th - Waupaca)
Rep. Warren Petryk (93rd - Eleva)
Rep. Romaine Quinn (75th - Rice Lake)
Rep. Keith Ripp (42nd - Lodi)
Rep. Jessie Rodriguez (21st - Franklin)
Rep. Mike Rohrkaste (55th - Neenah)
Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (15th- West Allis)
Rep. Michael Schraa (53rd- Oshkosh)
Rep. Ken Skowronski (82nd - Franklin)
Rep. John Spiros (86th- Marshfield)
Rep. David Steffen (4th - Green Bay)
Rep. Jim Steineke (5th - Kaukauna)
Rep. Rob Swearingen (34th- Rhinelander)
Rep. Gary Tauchen (6th - Bonduel)
Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (52nd - Fond du Lac)
Rep. Paul Tittl (25th- Manitowoc)
Rep. Travis Tranel (49th - Cuba City)
Rep. Nancy VanderMeer (70th - Tomah)
Rep. Tyler Vorpagel (27th - Plymouth)
Rep. Robin Vos (63rd - Rochester)
Rep. Tom Weatherston (62nd- Racine)

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