Excerpt from the Article:

"As the heckler was hustled out of the room by county deputies, Clinton said, “His mind has been poisoned by lies and he won’t listen.”

Once the man was gone, though, a woman who apparently had accompanied the heckler and been videotaping him began her own outburst, shouting, “Hillary lied over four coffins, she lied to those families, so all those families are liars?”

“Will you listen to me?” Clinton demanded as the crowd grew irate and the deputies escorted the woman from the room.

The former president spoke up for his wife, who as secretary of state was responsible for the Benghazi compound’s security, after the crowd quieted down."



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zapdam 3 years 46 weeks ago



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zapdam 3 years 46 weeks ago

tell me Telli did it ever occur to you that the Marine was 'plant' by the other side to attack the democrats....hello

Instant-RunOff-... 3 years 46 weeks ago

Trump is a better choice than Hillary. Trump will ensure an Elizabeth Warren win in 2020. Hillary is a paid surrogate of the criminal Banksters & a true blue Globalist. Globalism will bring about the end of America & Canada as independent nations. Trump, like Bernie is a nationalist.

telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 3 years 46 weeks ago

What?! Are you saying that because the guy was a plant he therefore had control over what came out of bill clinton’s mouth?

Zapper! Gotta Drill down there buddy! "...if it were not but for..." is how Trump will be elected President. And "...if it were not but for..." the clintons, trump would have never taken the white house. If however, the Demo-rat party would have backed bernie from the beginning and told hillary to go get fucked, then it is likely trump would not take the white house.

The Clinton's will cost the Democrats the White House. The Democratic Party's policy of this is the candidate we're backing and voters can take it or leave it didn't work here in Wisconsin with Mary Burke and it's not going to work with the diseased filth known as clinton scum.

No matter what, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. If you if I dont vote for Hillary then sane American's might lose supreme court seats, I'd say it won't matter after Hillary approves the TPP (she lies).

The 99% will not solve its problems voting. It won't solve its problems participating in our failed political mechanism in any way, shape, or form.

You’ll get the same lousy performance out of hilllary if she becomes president, regardless of whether her challenger, Trump, comes across as darth vader or pope francis. If that bothers ya, don't vote or vote for the Green Party.

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telliottmbamsc 3 years 46 weeks ago

While the man Bill Clinton knew as a "Marine" was risking his life for this country, bill clinton was profiteering and....http://www.dailydot.com/politics/bills-wandering-eyes/

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Johnnywalker 3 years 46 weeks ago

The only minds poisoned by lies are those democrats voting for the establishment candidate.

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zapdam 3 years 46 weeks ago


you're another idiot who continually proves it with each post. " Trump is a better choice than Hillary. Trump will ensure an Elizabeth Warren win in 2020" Who will undo the multiple Supreme Court postings by Trump , that will affect America for the next 30 years. Incumbent Presidents usually win a second term, you have no further to look than the war criminal imbecile George W Bush. Eight years from now Elizabeth Warren will be 74, thats if under Trump there is another 8 years.

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hollygolightly 3 years 46 weeks ago

Relax Canuck. You have plenty to worry about in Canada. Getting apoplectic over US issues ain't good for your heart.

Instant-RunOff-... 3 years 46 weeks ago

Zap figures you should have a multi-$billion 18 month campaign for president, non-stop media coverage, money from the super-rich flowing like rain in a hurricane, and all that so that a couple supreme court judges can be appointed. That is incredibly stupid. Zap wants to confirm Hillary & Oh-bomb-ya's so-called Trade Deals which will result in the destruction of national sovereignity causing a globalist plutocracy of the ultra-rich, but in return they might win an abortion or minority rights judgement or two. Wow! Going from dumb to stupid.

In fact polls prove that Hillary can't beat Trump, only Bernie can beat Trump, which is why Trump is now focusing attacks on Bernie and doesn't say anything about Hillary except her emails. Trump knows he will lose to Bernie.

All Hillary is doing is winning Rebug states like South Carolina, from Bernie, which will be useless in a general election.

And if Trump is as bad as the Repug establishment claim, and Dems claim, than he will not stand a prayer of a chance against Elizabeth Warren in 2020. Only about half of presidents are two-term, there is no way Trump could beat Warren in 2020, unless he truly is a miracle-man as he claims he will be.

I just don't happen to believe we should allow the criminal banksters who trashed the world economy, killed millions of people, destroyed the retirements & livelihoods of hundreds of millions, just for criminal greed beyond human comprehension, and Hillary & Oh-Bomb-Ya refused to prosecute them, instead they rewarded them, and now Zap wants to reward them even more by letting them buy this election. You would think these criminal banksters would be content with our politicians allowing them to create our money supply out of thin air - the greatest case of welfare in all of human history - but no - they want much more than that. And zap is willing to get down and lick their boots. Nice guy that Zap.

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