In the midst of this global extinction crisis, there should be a renewed and intensified focus on using powerful tools such as the Endangered Species Act to stem this increasing tide of extinction. Yet, this administration's Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) is walking away from species at a record, and very concerning, rate. In just the last three years, the USFWS has ignored their own scientists and sought to strip high profile species of protections, while denying needed protections to others, or simply starving some recovery programs of resources and working to quietly shirk their responsibilities under the law.

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This pattern of abdication in species recovery is not an accident. The USFWS Director recently said this while announcing that his agency was proposing removing grizzly bears from the list of protected species:

"By the time the curtain closes on the Obama administration, we are on track to have delisted more species due to recovery than all previous administrations combined.” – USFWS Director Dan Ashe.

When Director Ashe says "due to recovery," he is redefining recovery and ignoring the recommendations of his agency's own scientists. In the case of gray wolves (which the USFWS is still seeking to delist nationally), the government-selected scientific peer review panel rejected the agency's delisting plan, because it did not follow the best available science. The delisting is still pending, and we are still fighting it.

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Species like wolverines, that scientists in and out of the government have found to be in need of protections, are being ignored. The work to recover one of the most endangered mammals in the world, the red wolf, is being slow-walked into non-existence in a quiet abandonment of the Service's responsibility to bring them back. The protection of sage grouse has been left to voluntary measures with little oversight.

This crisis of leadership is causing many within the Service to question the agency's decision making process. A recent survey of government scientists conducted by one of our member groups found that seventy-three percent of respondents felt that consideration of political interests was too high at USFWS. Since that survey was conducted, the agency has gone on to propose to downlist manatees, deny protections to sage grouse, continued with its efforts to kick gray wolves off of the endangered species list, created an enormous exemption in protections for endangered bats, stripped Louisiana black bears of protections, starved red wolf recovery of resources, and begun the process of delisting grizzly bears.

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A period of global extinction is not the time to appease wildlife opponents who will never be satisfied. It is a time to fully implement the successful and wildly popular Endangered Species Act. With your help, we will hold the USFWS accountable for each of the species in their care for the remainder of this administration. Please support this work with a 100% tax-deductible $30 donation today.

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and wild places.


Leda Huta

Leda Huta
Executive Director
Endangered Species Coalition
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