We the people will turn out to vote for populist measures. In 1930 we had nothing to lose so we fought for populist measures, now we have the conversation that in fighting we may lose what little we have. Who will protect us against the machine should we revolt as in 1930 ?

We the progeny of our founding fathers were given clear instructions to vote in new guards for our future security at this time when a long train of abuses and usurpations proved to be sociopath factions pursuing their object. These guards we hire sit on top of all administrations and upon investigations stop abusive authoritarians from taking our assets should we protest against a system that is corrupt, along with no arrests on our records. Police will never arrest peaceful protestors in the first place, voting this world proven new guard system into office. Police will know better and perform their duties as intended.

We either carry out our instructions or we don’t and suffer the consequences. This will be what Leonardo DiCaprio pointed out in his documentary on the next Permian mass extinction. 2015 Leonardo will come out with his new film on the new guard system as it is adopted around the world, then we will come out to vote on this populist measure allowing for Elizabeth Warren to run with Bernie Sanders as she will now have protection of the new guards.

Who are these sociopaths pursuing their object ? All we know about astrology is not to sign legal notes when Mercury is retrograde as this rules the intellect and messes up the mind which is our Moon in its Moon sign. We know if our Moon is conjunct with Moons node with aspect to Mercury, Mars and Saturn we have mental problems. We know this by looking at every sociopath serial killer who was caught and identified. Everyone of these sociopaths has this planet formation in their astro chart including one in particular who is most responsible for our coming Permian mass extinction. Miles Dyson was the name given in T-2 Judgment Day. We either hire new guards for our future security or the progeny ends by or through a very powerful serial killer of billions of people through melting the frozen methane through carbon release into atmosphere in an insidious process.

Lets hope the 2015 annual report is an improvement.


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