Today’s show with Papantonio, Cecily McMillan, Tysom Slocum, and Thom on protesting against authoritarianism growth.

Pap stressed that prosecutor in Brown shooting was guilty of perjuring jury with known perjurist along with forensic experts to corroborate lies to jury, and needs to be prosecuted. Solution Pap gives is for some prosecutor to prosecute the prosecutor.

Cicely spoke out on authoritarianism going rappant at Rikers Island , saying there is a need for oversight and change to bring prison conditions to 1st world standards.

Tysom spoke on EPA declaring coal ash safe for environment. Who polices the EPA ?

Thom spoke on creeping authoritarianism. What agency do we have to arrest this slow creep ?

The world has a 300 year proven system that quells and sometimes crushes these problems. Why do we not simply adopt this system as well. Field agents (new guard we hire when a train of abuses proves an object being sought) investigate mal-administrators, corrupt agencies, and factions. Sitting on top of all administrations they get FBI reports and sit in on jury’s. They then request indictments so they can prosecute by going before the floor of our council of elders (Matrix) as this is how the world solves government abuse and slow creep of authoritarianism.

Governments perform as intended as they know our new guard is watching them. It took a long time to get this system right, now there is no government opposition to us adopting this system. The only opposition comes from factions, corrupt agencies, mal-administrators, abusive policemen, corrupt politicians, corrupt cabinet members, corrupt supreme court justices. And they cannot oppose system without giving themselves away. Why not give a proven world system a chance ?


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