Here is my video to help Veterans:

Veterans are getting a poverty pension...lets do something about it!



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Kpax 2 years 19 weeks ago

Veteran benefits have always been bogus. Yet private military contractors get 3 to 4 times what our military receives. And VA hospitals have been shit too but it's news these days!

That's America! Screw the people for profit and gain at whatever the cost.

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Roland de Brabant 2 years 19 weeks ago

Veterans cannot compete with sexy new jet fighters, even if they cannot fly.

Kpax -

Veterans' Disability Benefits were adequate in the seventies. The problem is they have not increased since. And the procedures, bad then, are much worse now.


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Kpax 2 years 19 weeks ago


I'm an Army brat and have many friends with veteran fathers. With that said, I have only heard complaints about the VA. I was a child in the seventies so I grew up with the unsatisfactory care veterans have received. If you need to believe that they have always received the best care then you just keep reading those fairy tales. I have lived with words directly from veterans.

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