Greetings Everyone! This last election day that saw the take over of the House by the "darkside" as well as the defeat of some progressive measures across the country, I've decided to not only become that much more active and to get out there and make my voice heard, but I want to protest! Unless we do something about this now it will only get worse! That's why I'm introducing No-Shave November: A Protest Beard! You can join me in No-Shave November and post your pictures here on the blog! If I can't send a message with my vote, I'm sending a message with my face, not to mention it is getting close to winter and will keep you warmer! I will do before and after pictures so you can see the progress of the protest beard and until actual progress is made, the beard must stay! (Or until Thom says I have to shave...) If you can't join me in No-Shave November tell me how you are getting out and getting active in your own way! Come on friends let's do this!!! - Jacob the Board Op


Jacob protests the outcome of 2010 election day with "No-Shave November: A Protest Beard!"


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desert fox 8 years 48 weeks ago

Here is a bumper suggestion.

Phil Ochs from 1969 I ani't marching anymore ( This clip is very short and to the point.

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notorture 8 years 47 weeks ago

Jacob - Sent this email to LKouise and she asked I send it to you. I have been a daily listener since the air america days. Love you guys Just wrote a song I think you will like - "This Old Town - Madison" link here includes the line - "If there's a middle class then there's and upper class and we can kick their ass" - which I thought you guys would enjoy. Listen closely and you can hear our beautiful and courageous dog Sheba howl in the background during the harmonica parts. Hope you enjoy and feel free to use it anyway you like. John Kirk

corbenduff@sbcg... 8 years 46 weeks ago

Jacob check this one out. A great Scottish folk song.

Oh Dear Me

Oh dear me

the mill is running fast

We poor shifters canna get no rest

Shifting threads and bobbins

dark days and fine

corbenduff@sbcg... 8 years 46 weeks ago

The Jute Mill Song


A song by Mary Brookbank

O, dear me, the mill is running fast
And we poor shifters canna get nae rest
Shifting bobbins coarse and fine
They fairly make you work for your ten and nine

O, dear me, I wish this day were done
Running up and doon the Pass is nae fun
Shiftin', piecin', spinning warp, weft and twine
To feed and clothe ma bairnie offa ten and nine

O, dear me, the world is ill-divided
Them that works the hardest are the least provided
But I maun bide contented, dark days or fine
There's no much pleasure living offa ten and nine

NotesFirst recorded by Ewan MacColl: Steam Whistle Ballads

Mary Brookbank herself a jute worker wrote:
"The life of the women workers of Dundee right up to the thirties was ... a living hell of hard work and poverty. It was a common sight to see women, after a long ten-hour-day in the mill, running to the stream wash-houses with the family washing. They worked up to the last few days before having their bairns. Often they would call in at the calenders from their work and carry home bundles of sacks to sew. These were paid for at the rate of 5 pence for 25, 6 pence for a coarser type of sack. Infant and maternal mortality in Dundee was the highest in the country."

When folklorist Hamish Henderson asked Mary Brookbank how much of the song came from mill workers she replied:
"Only the ditty, 'Oh dear me, the mill's gaen fest, the puir wee shifters…' The verses are all mine. And that verse, 'to feed and cled my bairnie' was brought to me by a lassie who was worried. It wis hard lines if she, ye hid an illigitimate child and you had to pay for it aff that meagre wage, you know what I mean, and she used to say, oh I wish the day was done. And eh, tell me her troubles, her trackles, what she hid tae dae for her bairn and that, nae help that sort o' thing, and that brought that tae mind. And then I used to think on my own aboot how ill divided the world wis."

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