Alberto Ceras 5 years 31 weeks ago

John, have I missed something? Is there a photo or some such that my spotty Internet service didn't download?

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SueN 5 years 31 weeks ago

If so, mine didn't either.

Alberto Ceras 5 years 30 weeks ago

Well, it took me awhile but, yes, I believe I understand. We are all hostage to the Holocaust.

Thanks, John, for overestimating my intelligence.

This excerpt below isn't exactly what you meant but it is an interesting perspective, not too far off the subject, from a blogger who just happens to be Jewish:

Don't let World Jewry be hostage to Zionism

daniel teodoru

I always regarded Israel as a wondrous idea, the embodiment of the principles of my Jewish mentors. But the more I study it the more it seems like a bunch of shysters trying to blur the line between criminal, larcenous amoral and Jewish, sacrilegiously exploiting the Holocaust. That Judaism, the faith basic to ALL Monotheism and its morality should be held hostage by expansionist Zionism is a very shattering blow to my idealistic perspective on Zionism. As a result, "frankly my dear I [no longer] don't give a damn" and there's a lot more important issues for mankind things to worry about. A little itty-bitty state trying to have its cake and eat it too by making money trading in weapon systems and diamonds while fully on American welfare makes it rather fragile. Resorting to raw power in extermination to expand, always hoping that its benefactors see all Muslims as terrorists is a thin reed for Israel to rely on. It may have bullied Goldstone into recanting, but that's not going to keep the money and guns coming. At some point Americans will ask why send all that loot? Holocaust invoking will not then alter American self-priorities. Israel may, therefore, doom its future with hubris by assuming it can always pull one over on US "dumb goyim." We'll see. But what will it do if it's wrong? I only think it is criminal that a bunch of shysters should be able to hold World Jewry hostage until then.

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Robindell 5 years 30 weeks ago

That blogger doesn't understand history and is out-of-touch with the news of today. In Toulouse, France, a gunman on a scooter killed four people outside of Jewish school, a rabbi who was a teacher at the school, his two young sons, and another child who was a student at the school The killer is thought to have killed several other people previously who I believe were African natives. Anti-Semitism concerns to be of concern in both Europe and the Middle East. That is why Israel has such a strong military: because that is the nature of the world. How about some words of criticism in the name of balance for those who attack a sovereign state? Israel does not force the U.S. to provide financial support. If you don't like Israel, then why not advocate for giving some foreign aid to Syria?

Alberto Ceras 5 years 30 weeks ago

I believe this blogger's note preceded the shooting in France. Few of us can know and comment on the future. As for the shooter, no one - no one - knows the killer's identity or the motivation at this time. I trust French authorities to apprehend the killer and to release more details as they come to light.

This from ABC News one hour ago (as I type this):

Manhunt for Shooter Who Killed Rabbi, 3 Children

"Gueant also said that French police have no clear leads in the case. Since Monday's victims were Jewish and all the soldiers targeted were of North African or Caribbean background, authorities have been exploring possible Islamist or Neo-Nazi motives for the violence."

It's quite possible to be anti-Israel (and anti-Zionist) but not in the least anti-Semitic. Militant Zionists commonly use this term in an effort to smear those who disagree with them.

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