I believe the widening wealth inequality gap caused by Republicans, with Reaganomics being wildly embraced by the wealthy in the Republican Party, has put the American Dream on a fast path to ruination. Actually not only Americans but the industrialized nations of the EU face a much more bleak future. Atlantic Magazine saying "two thirds of all new income in America went to the top 1% of Americans between 2002 and 2007" tells us we are in trouble" since CIA Factbook also tells us "we are a more unequal nation than the Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Ethiopa and Kagakhstan!" If we still had the high marginal tax rates on extraordinarily high income received by the maga rich, such as we had when Reagan came into power, we would be in great shape except for the Republican Credit Card that beat our National Debt to death with several wars and Reagan's involvement in wars and intrigue with the Iran-Contra mess; all without paying for them. Republians essentially handed "their" national debt of $10 trillion to Obama. Of course, Mr Forgetful (Reagan) "in his heart" knew that he hadn't illegally delt with this "problem." He should have served some prison time since the final report, the Condon Report, said the facts weren't as Reagan "remembered" them! Also, Dick Cheney, the guy who said "Deficits don't matter," got out the GOP credit card to deal with two war's costs, all while flubbing the chances to corral Osama bin Laden. I'm happy President Obama eliminated him! I think Dick Cheney didn't serve our country well at all. He was the President, after all!


Jo_Terry's picture
Jo_Terry 8 years 6 weeks ago

Yes is the answer. The whole is tolerant of the few machinating depredation on the world. We understand they want it all and that in taking it means death to half the life in our oceans along with rising sea levels with unstable weather patterns as we choke on polluted air. We tolerate this because the J curve conditioning was slow over 30 years. So given this whole of us in the slowly heated pot what is the solution?

daj100's picture
daj100 8 years 6 weeks ago

The answer is a resolute YES! They have destroyed and are destroying everything great about America. But plenty of people here are saying that to repeat it further. I think the full on assault being perpetrated over the past two years is waking people up. The questioin is, is it fast enough to stem the tide, let alone begin restoring?

Randy95023's picture
Randy95023 8 years 6 weeks ago

Not ALL Republicans! I'm an "Eisenhower Republican". I want 35% Taxes on Corporations, 20% to 40% Tariffs on all imports from nations that don't pay their workers a livable wage (China, India, Vietnam, et al...). I want people who make over $1,000,000 a year to pay 80% income taxes, etc...

Not ALL Republicans are bad people nor are they ALL heartless or "stupid". I am trying to reform my party and I'm quite progressive. Even though Republican I voted for Clinton twice and for Al Gore in 2000. Don't paint us ALL with your broad brush. I know that Democrats don't like to all be painted as Socialists or tree hugging peacenicks.

I wish we could ALL be Americans and work together when possible for what's best for the "common man" and not just our own special interests. Dem's are just as guilty in 90% of the cases.

Peace, Randy

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