I'm pretty sure I know who threw the rocks and bottles at the Oakland "Police" during the OWS demonstration. My guess is that the "police" were partly made up of the CIA/ FBI. I would bet that a CIA operative threw the rocks and bottles (if any were thrown); the FBI looked on and knew what was happening, just like they both did in the assassination (Murder?/Coup d' etat is a better word) of our sitting, duly elected President, John F. Kennedy. (For backup read Joan Mellen's book, "A Fairwell To Justice, Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and The Case That Should Have Changed History," published 2005) if you want to establish exactly who planned and murdered JFK, and probably MLK and RFK also). Then the Fascist/Nazi tactics were ordered by "higher ups" saying the police had to fight "force" with force and that is how an Iraqi war veteran was seriously injured, along with several other legitimate protesters who were employing their constitutional rights to free speech. There is absolutely nothing illegal in the Occupy Wall Street demonstration, except through Fascist eyes.

I'm sure the insurgents in the Arab Spring, fighting to get their country back, filled out forms to get a "parade permit." Sure!

Isn't it strange how we all deplore the strongarm tactics used by Iran, Syria and Libya, while we use the same tactics, and then say, "Who? Me?" We would never murder a sitting U.S. President!/We would never seriously injure an Iraqi/Afghanistan war veteran!/We would never murder a Kent State student! But that is what happened.

What has happened to our country since I grew up in the 1924 through early 1940s years? I was proud to fight for my country during WWII and I would be proud to do the same to get my country back to Democratic values today. Instead, the young of today are being held down by Fascist forces they don't understand. No wonder they are confused and angry. They also want the American Dream!

Why anyone would vote for a "bought and paid for" Republican to further their dreams is a mystery to me! I voted an almost straight Republican ticket up through Richard Nixon, but haven't voted for a Republican since Ronald Reagan. I dropped the Republican party in 2009 and am now an Independent. Reagan wrecked our economic system when he lowered the top marginal tax rate from 70% to 28%, lowing the taxes on the wealthy and started his war against the Middle Class and small business. He did the same thing to California!


Vlperez's picture
Vlperez 8 years 12 weeks ago

I blame Bush

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 12 weeks ago

Right again.

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