what can I say, if you want to know how to behave like a christian it's in the book of acts, right after the gospel of John. OF COURSE it wouldn't work, because it didn't include human nature, now we have easter bunnies and christmas where is not in the bible, nor santa claus, but the church celebrates both of these, they are arbitrary dates and easter actually implies reincarnation what with the eggs and other wally world stuff. What you don't understand the whole thing is designed to suck you into believing all of it and come under condemnation, therefore, a yoke where you must live in fear of rejection, and always be striving to be worthy of the sacrifice, which is also the message, it took Jesus spilling his blood to forgive you of your sins, so feel very guilty and sinful, dirty, and that is the message that will be pounded in, but, then, there is the evangelical wing, and the baptists, who claim once you've accepted him as savior, you're in like Flynn, thats what George Bush said in the first presidential debates, where he stated he had accepted Jesus as his personal savior, and that was good enough for him. The message of Christ has been mystified and confused by the new testament.

And my message is, if God created me, then he made me f****d up, so he's to blame, I am programmed to do just exactly what he built me to do, and kiss my ass.

what reincarnation? I could dig it, he reputedly said "with God, all things are possible", that's the mystical connection with the rabbits and eggs, we have video and electronic voice phenomenon of spirits on the other side manifesting, it's just they are on a different frequency to most humans, manifesting in the near light spectrum and with radio waves or something that can be caught on a recorder and played back, but can't be heard unless recorded first, so there is an afterlife, some of these spirits are apparently like in shock and can't accept they are dead, or stubborn and like it here, but the proof, just like when Romney says he didn't mention the 47%, its on video..

I already said something about my firsthand experience with the supernatural, and, so, well, I don't have to believe when I know what I saw.


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