My dog was killed by a pack of roving dogs, Dec 15th, 2012. My other dog was poisoned and I killed him just recently because he could no longer eat or drink, my wife was killed by yaz around christmas in 08. I have an inkling of what you are going through. I've had an o.b.e. and been saved by an angel that stood about 80 ft tall in front of a car that was going to kill me, you're bearing your soul for a refreshing change, so I'll bear mine. Your friend's life was for a reason, I don't believe anything, I just happen to know there is another dimension right here right now and your friend is there now and knows everything you have said, honoring his life, and the real secret is, you must do you best to do good and help others with the light you've been given, and nothing, absolutely nothing else really matters at all.


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the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 27 weeks ago

and I wasn't on drugs when it happened

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the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 27 weeks ago

Thom, I see you growing, you're moving into the real great society the new chapter

BRAINWASHED 6 years 27 weeks ago

Hey mad flea,

My father did not tell me much, but he did tell me about an Out of Body experience he had. Injured during the WW II, laying in a hospital bed in New Zealand, he described 'floating' above the bed, looking down at himself and the bed, surrounded by some nurses and possibly holy people praying for him.

I have done some researching, because I have seen and experienced, a few times, (not on drugs), exactly what you say. The parallel same place, same person place. No O.B.E. This 40+ years ago. I am sure there are more than just one parallel dimension, or place. Some scientists believe as well, but theories are not proof. The fact that you can find millions of O.B.Experience stories, the words of Plato and Socrates, and even some of the interpetations of the Gospel of Thomas, do not make it Truth, but it is known. They have been part of Humans for a long, long time. I realize that those 'on the other side' do exist. Psychiatric professionals look and listen to people with multipal personality disorder, and scratch their heads, calling them crazy. I feel they are just more sensitive of the others. They call it D.I.D. these days. The sensitivity seems to occur from tramatic event/s. Like the girl with 15 personalities. She had some that were good and helpful, and some that would hurt her. If it was known and taught worldwide, that these others exist in every human, good things could happen. Imagine if a person contemplating suicide, KNEW, for sure, that, that 'voice' was not a real part of them. That 'voice' could be any past soul from the bad part of the other sides. Serial killers speak of O.B.E. as well. I see very little difference between serial killers and folks like Bush, Cheney, and the rest. They must get a 'good' feeling from the other side, when they commit the crimes the 'voice' influences. They call them 'thoughts', not a 'voice'. You get called insane, if you hear voices. I have thoughts.

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