there is a finite amount of resources, and money, a controlled amount, fluctuating at the whim of our dark master, if he decides to cast gold to the crowd to watch them decimate themselves scrambling to get it, it's his to do, and he'll make them pay, so it's not a gamble, just his depraved intertainment. If he decides that Saddam is unpopular enough to spin attacking him, it's no sweat, because it's political capital, which you can defer into perpetuity. when the money began to come out of the wall, back there on jackel island, we became the walking dead, we just didn't know it, arrgg mst eat brains....


the_hopping_mad_flea's picture
the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 15 weeks ago

and btw, it's a jungle, always has been and always will be, so it is nature that dictates we will struggle, that's just the way it is. when you don't have to struggle you become lax and vulnerable, because like I said, nature, can you say nay-ture boys and girls? And the new nature, same as the old, they lie and we buy, the money is loaned at interest and you are taxed on that, then there is inflation, and then there is the story of the boy who broke his leg and everyone said that's bad, but then it kept him out of the draft for a terrible war the king had ordered. Sooo

the_hopping_mad_flea's picture
the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 15 weeks ago

how do you find freedom in an unfree world, and isn't that what the hippies set out to do? but the subject always shifts to our fascination with power and money, now we spend all our time wrapped up in debating how many politicians can dance on a million dollars

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