seems we forget so soon that all our cult hero figures have had different habits than the less driven among us. yeah, the reason he should quit is because there are so many prudes like you, and just forget about the wife, she has it better than me, I'd let him love a goat, she seems to be coping, I mean I can see she's suffering, but it's obvious many of us are worse off, and you know? there is plenty of that going around, as obviated by his success on twitter, so, lesson learned, maybe? But didn't Jefferson diddle a slave or two?, JFK? How did Mrs Onassis feel about that? And the little Bobby and the movie star, but nooooooooo we gotta kick weiner when he's down. wiener?


the_hopping_mad_flea's picture
the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 26 weeks ago

Oh? So people are laughing a weiner, but they were just "mad" at George Bush, boy, when you have an idea, you just double down, the more and more ridiculous. I'm not laughing, I think you live in a bubble where politicians don't do (or at least aquiesce to) things (all of them) that would shock the pants off the average person. A world of unthinking prudes will change when the economics of voting for someone who doesn't have their interests starts to bite them in the ass for not voting for the one who does.

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