I ask the spirits to guide the cards to show me the outcome of my question and I shuffle them, and I'm always amazed at the cards. Today, I sat wondering about my question I sent to Thom on why in the hell he doesn't know that the new testament has instructions from Paul that a reborn christian miraculously doesn't have the 'gay' any more, and is cured, praise God, amen, Ted Haggad, Larry Craig. So I asked the spirits to guide the cards for the simplest spread, the tree card spread, (I'm quite the noviciate and nearly always have to look up the meanings of each card again because I can't seem to remember them), so anyway the results were the 'past' card drew the Star card which signals hope, love, pleasure, satisfaction, purpose, and guidance. The 'present' card drew the Lovers, only the card was upside down, which signals a frustrated romance, or, infidelity. And lastly, the 'future' drew the nine of wands and it was upside down. The nine of wands is the Lord of Strength, reminds us that being true to ourselves will release energies to help us deal with energies with whatever we find within. When it appears (right side up) be reassured that our inner strength will guide us to our goals. The suit of wands stands for creative integrity, security, positive relationships, and inner development. The reverse is disrupted work, laziness, ignorance, and romantic jealousy.

So, on the grand scale of importance this has to be low, but this reading was so interesting, and I'm anxious to see if the future portends what the cards have said. My interpretation of them is this: We started in good faith, and we are now quarrelling, and the question will not be resolved, at least they have said he will either forget the subject or he'll say "That isn't really what the scripture means, and the wording isn't clear that he's actually talking about gays who can't help themselves, and the church is progressing so, that they can accept that God made gays gay, and are really progressing..." and do nothing to address the fact that the scriptures instruct you on how to behave, and take a dim view on homosexual orgasms and such, relegating it to such 'sins' as perjury and 'whoremongering' and stealing, usery, (gasp).

I hope the cards are wrong, because I'd like to see Hartmann have a watershed moment in his life, maybe he could start to understand why there is so much strife and argument on how the Bible is to be interpreted, and why Sarah Palin's friends in Africa want to put them to death, it's basically right there in the 'good' book.

Sometimes I think Thom reads these and sometimes I don't, but he's a busy man, amassing his fortune.


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