I know of this guy who grows his own and he can order seeds from UK at herbiesheadshop.com with his mastercard. He knows to order autoflower feminised seeds because these are the ones that grow female plants and they produce the good stuff. Not the leaves but the buds. Autoflower means they are a cross between the ruderalis strain which only lives about 4 months max., then die, and regular pot which may grow practically forever if it doesn't get polinated, then it makes seeds and dies.

Now he says hydro is more difficult than dirt so as long as you keep a few things in mind. It shouldn't have any bugs in it, so don't get it out of the yard, and unless you want to waste some time, don't use Miracle Grow. You want good soil, the best you can find at a store that specializes, or just find fertilome (Texas) or equivalent. You can grow outdoors if you plant them on May 1 for good results. Just put the seed one inch below the soil and water it gently, but wait...pH 6.2 or else it probably won't come up. In about 2 weeks you can start to feed it Better Orchid Bloom according to the instructions. Be sure every time you feed it something that the pH is like 5.9 to 6.6. which is best checked with a meter you can get on Amazon for under 8 bucks delivered rom China.

So, it's illegal and you're afraid you might get caught, or you have one of Those type of neighbors, you can use T5 garden grow lights also found on Amazon, unless you want to use HPS which are trickier and need more cooling. You want your plant pretty much stress free until it's ready to be harvested, (gently) dried and cured, so drainage is important, you want 5 gal containers for optimal results. At harvest time throw away the leaves unless the paraphenalia says "the leaves of this strain are psychactive", which happens but not usually, so the buds are what you are interested in. When the buds start to have little orange hairs, its time to harvest, unless you want the 'couch effect', then let her grow a little longer.

You want to fertilize her with Better Orchid Bloom which is available at Lowes according to the instructions. You will also need CalMag according to instructions do not deviate and check the pH at every giving her ANYTHING, ok, sorry. You can also give her Grandma's Original Unsulphered Molasses or honey or sugar, but NOT MORE than one tbl spoon per gal of water.

He's been using lemon juice to bring the pH down which is around 2.5 but you can use pH down if you can find it, which just has sulfuric acid in it.

So Merry Christmas and good luck. Oh yes, white bright t5's for grow and soft whites when in the budding stage.


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Aliceinwonderland 5 years 8 weeks ago

WOW great tips from a real pro!

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